Sitting at the top of my life’s to-do list is “travel as much as possible.” Many people love to travel, and would love to do it often to see and explore places around the Globe. For most of us though, it’ll be nearly impossible to get to every place we’d like to go. Thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to at least “see” from a distance, some of the places we’d like to go thanks to webcams.  There are webcams all over the globe at this point and the only obstacle we face is finding them! Sure we can use search engines, but they’re not always going to turn up the kinds of results we’re looking for.  Thankfully there’s EarthCam — a site that allows you to easily explore locations all around the world.

All about EarthCam

earthcam 1 EarthCam links to hundreds of webcams from around the world.  They are categorized so that you can easily find various cameras that might interest you.  Their directory is divided into categories like:

  • Animals
  • Business
  • Computer
  • Education
  • News
  • etc.

Also offered are several directories including:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Education
  • EarthCam for Kids – designed for children (great for use in the classroom!)
  • EarthCam for Mobile
  • Weather
  • Weird & Bizarre
  • Traffic
  • etc.

Advanced Search

Using the “Advanced Search” feature, you’ll be able to narrow down your search based upon category and subcategories, or even a specific time zone.  You can also search for a specific camera name if you know it, or you can search by location including city, state, and/or country.

advanced search

Become a member

Browsing through this site makes you realize how many cameras are really out there – it’s a lot!.  These cameras will probably be the closest I’ll get to some of the destinations around the world.  If you’re not there to simply view different places, it’s also a unique way to “people watch.” There’s a good chance that after you browse the site and come across some of your favorite cameras, you’ll be returning to the site on a regular basis.  If this is the case, you’ll want to become a member.  It’s free and will allow you to create a “MyCam Page” where you can save your favorites, organize them, and share them.  You can also get live webcams on your mobile phone.


I like the way EarthCam highlights some of their cameras.  On the homepage you’ll notice several lists with one of them being the Top 10 Cams which includes Cape Town South Africa, the Red Cliffs in Moab, Utah, and a live view of the Boston Harbor. There are also lists for New Cams as well as holiday focused ones including Christmas Tree cams from around the World.

top 10 cams


Because EarthCam works much like a search engine would, it’s easy to search and find what you’re looking for.  For example, I performed a search for “St. Thomas.” It pulled up a whole list of different cameras and I had the option to sort the results like viewing the most popular cams first.

Just a word of caution though, in the time I’ve spent viewing webcams, I have come across a few broken links and I imagine you will too. Other than the broken link here or there, EarthCam is a fun place to browse when you have a spare minute or two. It’s easy to get caught up and spend more time than you originally intended to just because there are so many fantastic places to see.