Weekend Website

About a year ago, we wrote about a site called Expert Village which claimed to the the World’s Largest How-to Video Site. They have a team of experts who contribute videos explaining how to do something in categories like automotive, beauty & fashion, and parenting. It’s a great site and they have all kinds of information available to their site visitors. Their only limitation is that videos have to be done by one of their “experts” which in some ways is nice because you know the information is likely accurate. Today we’re going to take a look at another “how-to” video site called “Wonder How To.” They allow anybody to upload videos which too has its benefits.

What is “Wonder How To?”


“Wonder How To” is a site dedicated to providing a directory of free how-to videos. They say they have more than 100,000 videos as of March of this year, so they do have a good collection of videos that will help you figure out how to do something. They’re adding thousands of videos each week which means their collection continues to expand greatly.

Anybody can upload a video but that doesn’t mean that it will be displayed on the site. They do reject some videos if they’re a “glaring self promotion” or if they are excerpts from for-sale DVD’s that “serve as a “sneak peak.” They also try to keep the site safe for a broad audience which means that they do censor clips as well. Users help with this process by flagging inappropriate content.

If you want to submit a video, just look for the “submit” tab at the top of the page. You’ll be able to provide a url for a how-to video and then choose which category and sub-category the movie should go under.

Searching for videos

One of the most important aspects of “Wonder How To” is their search feature because without it, you wouldn’t be able to find what you’re looking for. Because of this they’ve added options to refine your search so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

I decided to put the search to the test, so in the main search box I typed “Photoshop” to look for different tutorials on how to do things in Photoshop. Once I typed in my key word, it pulled up 1,0001 different videos that matched my query. Photoshop is a pretty broad topic though, so I decided to refine my search further which I could do in the left sidebar.

refine search.png

Because I was looking for information on Software, I chose that, and then once again I was given options to refine again. This time I clicked “Photoshop” and then I was given different topics that I could refine the search by again.

Another simple way to search for videos is just by browsing their home page. They’ve got all kinds of great videos featured on there including recently added videos, overlooked great videos, and today’s popular videos. You can also click on “Categories” at the top of the page to sift through videos divided into categories. Each day they also have a “clip of the day” to watch.

How To Videos on Wonder How To - Video Instructions, Tutorials & Hacks.png

The Community/Building a Profile

If you decide that you want to get social, you can join the community and like other sites out there, create a profile for yourself. They compile some lists of the members on the community page like top submitters, top watchers, top graders (those who rate the videos), top commenters, top playlisters (we’ll explain Playlists in a minute) and most popular (those with the most profile visits).

wonder how to community.png

Make a Playlist

With how-to videos, you wouldn’t think that they’d offer you the option to create playlists but they do. People can put a bunch of their favorite how-to videos together in list form and they can be made public or private.

Wrapping it up…

If you ever need guidance on how to do something, definitely check out Wonder How To because they have an ever growing selection of videos that will guide you through the process on just about anything you could think of.