Funny Friday

Some of you may have seen this before because it’s been floating around the web for several years now, but it’s still funny to watch, even if you’ve seen it already. Have you ever wondered what happens to your computer at night? I guess now you have another reason to turn off your computer before bed, other than to save energy. :)

Note: For a bigger/better video, click here.

And along the same lines, just for fun:

Signs Your Computer Was Drinking Last Night (source)

  1. Everything you saved the night before, your computer has forgotten.
  2. It keeps hurling out every CD that you put into it.
  3. The computer monitor dims a little every time you click the mouse.
  4. You sound card plays everything at half the speed it should.
  5. All error messages read: “A serious error has occurred.  If you get me through this, I promise I’ll never do it again.”
  6. Your computer automatically adds “I love you man” to your email signature.
  7. When playing an MP3, you can hear someone in the background singing karaoke.
  8. Whenever you start your computer, it comes up with a message saying, “Firewall? We don’t need no stinkin’ firewall.”
  9. No matter how you position it, your computer slowly slides off your desk.
  10. Your “Start” button changes to “Get ‘r Done”
  11. You go in the next morning and there’s some strange modem lying by your computer.

Have a great weekend!