Million Dollar Monday

It’s Million Dollar Monday and we’re talkin’ wheels! They are a far cry from ordinary, and chances are, you probably won’t be seeing these on the road anytime soon.  One set of rims could literally cost you a million bucks! Better yet, here’s a deal you might not be able to pass up… buy a set of rims, and you’ll get a Bentley for free! Let me explain…

Asanti is known for their wheels. Quality, and classy wheels for that matter. Not long ago, their big ta-da was the Cubic Zirconia encrusted wheels for $250,000. They decided to out-do themselves and upgrade to diamond-encrusted wheels.  The picture to the right shows their 1,100 carat creation. They also offer a pretty fantastic deal! If you buy a set of four Asanti diamond-encrusted wheels, you’ll get a Bently GT for free (Hey, it is a deal, it brings the cost of the rims down into the $800,000’s).

I don’t know about you, but if I had a set of these wheels on my Bentley, I think I’d take along a body guard for me, and the car.  When making the big purchase, you have your choice of sapphires, rubies, or other gems, it just depends on what you’re looking for. These 22-inch diamond encrusted rims will set you back around $1 million!

Next up is the more affordable option. The Pimpstar Dub Custom Wheels with a chrome finish will certainly set you apart from nearly every car out there. Definitely check out the video below for a demo on what you can expect with these wheels. Built-in full color LED lights with a microprocessor and a wireless modem will allow you to display text, graphics, logos, and digital photos on your wheels

Included with the price is software so that you can create your own images.  After you’ve created your images or selected from photos or other images, you can send those images to an individual wheel, or all of the wheels at one time.  This means that each wheel can have a different picture. No batteries are required because it uses the vehicle’s electrical system.  And, you won’t have to worry about going through the car wash or a rain storm, because the wheels are environmentally sealed.

So, what will a set of wheels like this cost you? Well, it depends on the size.  There are three different packages with sizes ranging from 22″- 26″, and the prices for those ranging from $12,500-$19,500. Checkout these wheels in action…

If you’re wanting to set your car out from the rest of the pack, sure you could get a fancy paint job. If that doesn’t do the trick, you could always buy yourself a pricey set of wheels like the Asanti diamond encrusted wheels, (get your Bently GT for free!) or the Pimpstar Dub Custom Wheels.