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A few weeks ago for our Microsoft Monday feature, we posted an article titled “Little Known Facts about Bill Gates.” While we all know Bill Gates as the King of Microsoft, there were still some things many people didn’t know – like his SAT score was 1590 and the top score for the test is 1600. Continuing on the same theme of Bill Gates, today we’re going to take a look inside his house with some photos and facts.

First, for starters, Bill Gates’ house is in Medina, Washington on a 5.12 acre lot and overlooks Lake Washington. According to Wikipedia, Bill originally bought the land back in 1988 for a measly $2 million, and the mansion was built over seven years. By 1995 it was complete.  As you can imagine, this is one wired house filled with new technology.

View of the house from the air:

bill gates house


One of the most interesting things you’d experience if you lived in this house is that you wear a pin containing a microchip which acts as your ID.  When you walk into a room, lighting, sound, and temp controls are customized for you. Any high resolution display that you walk by will know that you’re there, and your favorite art is displayed. And if you’re getting a phone call, only the phone nearest to you will ring. This is all thanks to the pin with the microchip.

Now we’ll take a look at some of the rooms in this house:


If you were to peek inside the domed library, you’d find two “secret” bookcases with one of them containing a bar. Here you could sit in front of the fireplace and admire the Codex Leicester belonging to Leonardo da Vinci. Gates paid $30.8 million for it back in 1994.

Pool House

pool house The pool building is 3,900 square feet and has a 17 foot by 60 foot swimming pool. While you’re swimming, you can listen to your favorite music underwater with the underwater music system.

Reception Hall

This is where Gates plays hosts to VIP’s and other social events.  The room features a large video wall made up of 24 individual screens measuring 40 inches each. At 2,300 feet, this room is capable of holding up to 200 people for a cocktail party, or 150 people for a sit-down dinner.


–Random Facts–

  • The house is 50,000 square feet
  • In 2005, the house and land were assessed at $200 million
  • Annually, Gates pays nearly $1 million dollars in taxes for the property
  • Over 64 km of optical fiber was used in the house
  • 300 workers at one time were working on the house – 104 of them were electricians
  • Every door handle in the house was custom made and cost $2,000 each
  • There are no visible electric outlets in the house

Additional rooms in the house:

  • Trampoline Room
    I’m not quite sure why you’d need a trampoline room, but I suppose when you’re Bill Gates and you’re the richest man in the world, you can have nearly anything you want.  Part of his exercise facilities includes a trampoline room with a 20 foot ceiling.
  • Formal Dining Room
    Should Bill have 24 of his closest friends coming over for dinner, they can dine in his formal dining room in front of the fireplace. It’s on the third floor and has plenty of windows so that guests can enjoy the view. It’s 1,000 square feet.
  • Underground Garage
    Apparently Gates likes to park his cars underground.  Part of this mansion is a 6,300 square foot underground garage. This is only one of three garages that are on the property, and it’s got room for 10+ cars.

–Random Facts–

  • Hidden cameras are all over the property
  • Floor sensors can track you – up to 6 inches
  • As Gates is on his way home from work, he can fill his tub with water to his desired temp so it’s ready when he gets home
  • Woodwork in this house (which is abundant) is flawless
  • There are glass windows galore, and 7 varieties of stone were used to build the house
  • The actual “living” space is modest
  • All flooring is heated including the driveway and sidewalks
  • Much of the house is built underground into a hill so it looks smaller than it is

–Additional Pictures–

gates house 2 gates house 3 gates house 4 gates house 5

–Virtual Video Tour–

–Wrapping it up–

So there you have it, a look inside the mansion of Bill Gates. Anybody want to swap houses with Bill? If you want more information about some of the rooms in the house, this virtual tour from U.S. News (while old) is an excellent source. Just click on the part of the house you’re wanting to learn more about.

Sources: Download Squad, U.S. News, and itmweb

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  1. Wow thanks guys love these type of articles! :mrgreen:

    • Let’s go here when the world ends!!!!!

    • i dont llike it the house don’t seem like a house is seems mors like a computer that your stuck in i just don’t trust but it is nice i hope the way of the fuatur doesn’t go all out
      ;D if no agrees i under stand

    • This isn’t even the whole thing, you should see what is buried in that mountain.

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    • I was impressed with the ocean pool. Would like to see the “REAL” (electronic) tools!

  2. wow, how u found those great information and picture about this GUY

  3. wonder how much CO2 gases his house accounts for in the US?

    • The Bill and Melinda gates foundation will do a billion times more for the world than you, your family, and all your friends ever will for many generations to come. So quit your ignorant and jealous bitching.

    • his just a puppet of the us gov’t..down with the empire down with the western civilizations…
      long live china, russian and iran

    • HAHAHAHA this guy^ . hilarious…

    • Russia hasn’t been communist since the 80s.

  4. No Way! When I was a kid I always wanted a fake bookcase and a trampoline room! He stole my idea! haha

  5. You’ve revealed my secrets.

    • woooooow i loooked at pictures of u sooo like wow you don’t even look old and ummmm wow dang your house is likke reallly big and huge i would love to be you andd most of alll i would like love to ummmm live in that house

    • whoah are u actually bill gates?
      your house is nice and all but i would have atleast spent a billion on my house seeing as u have 40b+ your choice tho

    • bill please email me at i have a great idea

    • Good interview on the daily show

    • what r u talking ABOUT

    • Bill, honey, don’t forget tomorrow is our family feast, so make sure to turn the disco on and remember to decorate the long dock. The short one is for the kids to play on!

      Love ya!

    • Derek from Saskatchewan

      Bill, you should make a documentary about your trip to success. I’ve read that when you were born they thought you were autistic?

    • I doubt you are Bill Gates. The REAL Bill Gates has better things to do then go on this website and comment on random things. So quit faking people and just say who you are, not ‘Bill Gates.’ One more thing, ROCK ON Bill Gates. You are awesome! I love how much you donate to charity!! You are my financial hero!!

  6. Andrew wrote:
    No Way! When I was a kid I always wanted a fake bookcase and a trampoline room! He stole my idea! haha

    Sue him! :)

  7. The one they call Fizz

    :twisted: Trick or treat? I wonder what he gives out there… :evil:

  8. The one they call Fizz wrote:
    Trick or treat? I wonder what he gives out there…

    Free copies of Windows?

  9. Wow. This is such a great article. I don’t know how you found such great stuff on his home plus a virtual tour. Great job. I wish I could do what you do.

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  20. im a construction worker and today i got to go do some work at the gates residence it was really cool actually got to go inside and into one of the living rooms also saw most of the exterior and the main entertainment area wish i could have seen it all but security is very tight with guards posted throughout the property and living area no family were home as far as we know but they do keep us away from any area they woud be in if they were so who knows was really cool to go to the richest man in the worlds crib thugh woo hoo

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  23. okay no affense but i kind of think he is selfish in a wway. one of the other richest guys are warren buffett and he is awsome. he isnt selfish and has a house a house a little bigger than mine. unlike that spolied guy you guys may desgree with me but its my openioin!!!! :|

    • “no affence” “wway”(okay; maybe that’s a legit typo) “has a house a house” “guy you guys” “desgree” and “opinoin.” Wow. This post literally made me laugh out loud.

    • he deserves everything he gets because he worked hard at it. he’s the richest man on earth and if he wants to live in a nice home that doesnt make him spoiled. and besides, he donates millions of dollars to charities every year, which makes him very generous indeed

    • he worked for it so you shouldn’t be calling him selfish. He got his way through school being called a nerd but he did it. He did not take that to mind. He has come up with one of the greatest inventions and is very generous. He is giving a !!!bunch!!! of money for vacines. He is very giving and he wants everyone to have an education.

    • May be you should go through his life history and most importantly through his “struggles” than you yourself can judge well who’s a nerd!! He deserves what he has.. and i am with him

  24. wow!! i am a 40 year old cleaner with four kids in a tiny 3 bedroomrd council house with no money.we dont get on holiday, have nice things-we just survive. gud on you bill gates foe achieving what you have-I feel like ive let my kids down but i try my best. they are healthy and happy but i would have loved for them to live a richer lifestyle:((( I think you have done amazing-gud or you and thank you for your fantastic inventions.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • im atheist and even if i was religious, praying to “GOD” isnt gonna get u a good life, working ur butt off and being a good person is.

    • God has nothing to do with it. I hate it when overly obsessed Christians someone who did something good that God was with them. What if Bill was an atheist!?

  33. bill gate’s didnt invented the internet, no one did its justa system wich everyone can use across the word, bill gates is only the king of windows, he even didnt invinted the computer the guy who invinted the computer is Charles Babbage, bill gates is rich and populair with his software called ”Windows” like allmost everyone that has a computer is using this software

  34. Everyone likes Bill gates cause hes rich duh!!! Noone would care for him if he was like us and didnt envent cool things hes just like all of thoose movie stars like hannah montana selena gomez!!!

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    • we all had the same opportunity that he did he deserves the attention

    • You like bill gates because he’s a rich bastard.
      You on the other hand, are one gold digging whore who refers to Hannah Montana.
      Hannah Montana might as well be your idol since she pole dances, just like you.

      Work on your grammar, slut, and use your brain for once >:C

  35. Brilliant job in your inventions but the greatest is the love that you give to the Unfortunate hope oneday in this lifetime i can get the privaledge to meet you even 1 glance of your bieng wud be enough…thank you ones again

  36. The name is Vuci and thank your work some of us can enjoy life God Bless you and your family

  37. bill gates is awesome. he is not a superhero, but since he gives back so much-hes donated more than any other person in teh world- he deserves to be admired. he is a brilliant man and why shouldnt he get what he deserves!!

  38. There should be more rooms listed even if they are not interesting. seriously I a m doing a biography and it doesn’t help that there aren’t that many rooms listed and I am posotive there are more rooms than that!

  39. wow i just looked at the video. it is necessary? to have such a house? while millions people are starving from hunger. with all his money he could and should help people, like lending money to the needy, a spacial when we are the people made him filthy rich by buying his Microsoft.i remember the time we did not have a computer, and we lived just the same, now there is so much problem steeling,money from your bank and much more. and praying on people true the internet. and we have to buy more and more staff there is no the meantime bill gates laughing all the way to the bank.i do know that he set some organization but who know where the money really goes.i am pissed.

    • Bill Gates setup the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is a organization devoted solely for the purpose of charity. Bill Gates has pledged to give up nearly all his money for the sake of giving. He has also enlisted the help of his friend Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world. Buffet has also pledged half, if not more, of his money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

  40. wow man dat house is just…wow.

  41. My family is in horrible debt if you would be so kind as to pay my way out it would be highly appreciated. P.S. Thanks for the operating system WOO

  42. Hi Bill,
    Jesus loves you, He shed his precious blood for you. there is going to be another life (Eternity) for this Jesus is the only way. He is willing to forgive your sins and cleanse you by His holy blood. Please Please Bill accept the Lord Jesus Christ… He needs you!!

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  46. World I think I ain’t gonna live more than 5 years I don’t no what I do with my money please give me suggestions you can contact me at Thank you

    • You don’t really think that bill gates actually would check that e-mail account. He would have others check that account while he keeps to his own private account.

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  50. His house isn’t in LA. It’s in Medina, near Seattle, WA.

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    his house looks like someone started one day without a plan and finished likewise ages later to form a rambling ugly residence that wouldn’t be allowed by zoning and aesthetic laws anywhere else,although the technical aspects are probably interesting who knows? well maybe some one will do a home invasion and tell lol.
    the gates foundation is worthless what is he doing for the people who made him wealthy and gave him his education? not a damn thing.
    Detroit is 25% unemployed other spots are between 10 and 15% its getting bad so if there is a super great depression everyone should head over to his place.

  53. Oh I wonder if bill and melinda are religious ?

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  55. ok he maybe has that money but he also maybe prints it all in 1 of his 10 safes that hold up to 50 billion dollars!

  56. I also read every comment. just after watchen “mexico, the drug city” some guy was the 41nd richest person in the world for illegal
    trafficing now thats a genius i wonder if well ever see a virtual video of hes house. well bill your an insipration to everyone do you go on much porn on your computer

  57. Most amusing comments. No, I did not invent the Internet. The Internet (or lines of code that connect the World Wide Web Infrastructure together. Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf invented the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) which moves data on the modern Internet, in 1972 and 1973. If any two people “invented the Internet,” it was Kahn and Cerf – but they have publicily stated that “no one person or group of people” invented the Internet.)

    Yes, the Gates Foundation is real. []

    Yes, I am and have been off and on for many years the richest man in the world. (If you measure riches and wealth in dollars.)

    Yes, Warren Buffet has agreed to donate 31 Billion dollars to the Gates Foundation at 1.5 Billion a year.

    Yes, my email address is but is not read or answered by me. There are people who sort out about 4000 emails per day from that email address and only forward important email to me.

    Yes, I did at one time own a $400,000,000 home.

    Yes, I am a normal guy and dress one pant leg at a time.

    William H Gates III

  58. Bill Gates is brilliant! He is the luckiest guy ever! I never even imagined a house this big and amazing. He deserves everything he has.

  59. Can everyone stop talking stupid on here and do it on some other page.

  60. Maria thats so sweet

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  62. hey, why is everyone getting so worked up lol! and who are the jokers pretending to be Bill Gates! I’m fifteen years old and even i know Bill Gates has all the money and time he needs so why would he be on this website? He probably dosen’t know it exists. His house is amazing :) Good luck to him he’s done well in life.


    what kind of comparison is that! haha.

  63. Wow, I wonder how many generations Bill Gates’s money can last. like his kids don’t even need to work to earn a living

  64. Inspires me – to make pirate copies of Windows

  65. Gates’ house is impressive, but I would not like to live in it. TOO big, and I am not overly enthusiastic about the way it looks. My favorite house is Jefferson’s Monticello – I think it is absolutely awesome. I also think a house modeled after the Pentagon would be pretty interesting too – especially if it was shaped like an octagon or a star. Regardless, this is a nice house, but definitely would not make my top 10.

  66. I wish they’d update this virtual tour. Also, expand on all the toys it contains.

  67. All of the people who are impersonating Bill Gates, just shut up. All of us know you’re not, including myself. He has all the time & money in the world, and he’s not wasting it by posting comments on this blog. So just stop pretending to be him.
    -Not Bill Gates :-)

  68. I wonder if one has to take a MS Certification before visiting his house, to be able to use his computer…… I mean house.

  69. speaking of house and the whole surrounding, is amazing with such beauitful blosssom of landcape.

  70. If I had the money I’d put it on 5 acres too, but it would be totally different. It would be a giant Japanese garden with lots of ponds and pools with big koi fish in it. There would be lots of little red bridges because I love bridges. I’d probably put the lap pool somewhere in or near the garden so it would feel like you were swimming in nature. The house would be partially underground like Bill’s, but wouldn’t have an electronic “eye” watching your every move.

  71. It interesting and fascinating that Bill Gates was inspired to build a house like this. I wonder where his inspirations and planning ideas originated from.
    His concepts of thinking and early pioneer ideas for bringing ideas together to create Microsoft are what I like about him.

    I went through the whole era of the early 80′s when I became interested in computers. Didn’t have money so worked for companies for free with first windows was a welcome change over cumbersome coding and z80.
    I admit its been an amazing ride to view all the changes he brought about in the last 20 plus odd years of computers when people were afraid of them

    Apple and Apple plus and now i pod great to be passing through this revolution era in computer well I thank Steve and Bill for the wonderful technology that has come as a result about it.

    MS Windows and Apple wow what a adventures. I was inspired when I bought my first windows and people were still using text based stuff. Just the memory is all a great treasure for me and how it got here.

    Can not replace all the treasure he and Apple have today but what he did was awesome. He earned it being smart and knew his goals being productive and I am happy with much of the positives things Microsoft and Apple people brought as a result :). If I had a wish would like to visit the place to see where they plan to head in the future.

  72. Hi Bill you know sitting at my kitchen table this morning and looking at your beautifull house it hit me you can pay $1M in taxes for your beautifull house and me I have a debth of $33,000 and it’s killing me and I’m a hard working mom for you it’s pocket change and I would do anything to find a way that I can reinburse this money.

    I wish I was born with your talent.

    Enjoy every moment of it you are a lucky man Bill.

  73. I don’t like it. Too spread out.From this arial pic it looks like a collection of chicken coups. I am more of a traditionalist.
    I do admire Mr. Gates however.

  74. My fovorite home is Pat and Nell Bourkes house in Kingston Jamaica
    Well maybe it is Falling Water in Pennsilvania.
    Certainly not this behemouth.

  75. yall r the craziest ppl i evr read frm on here jeez im a poor white man but i aint askin the impersonatin bill gates for money yall wanna kno what i got to say go out and get a J O B tht spells job for ppl tht cant put two n two together

  76. I want to a guest from Bill Gates . This is my dream
    Please let me know what to should I do. tks

  77. did anyone see the MIT lecture series on Chemistry and Physics?

  78. Bill, honey, don’t forget tomorrow is our family feast, so make sure to turn the disco on and remember to decorate the long dock. The short one is for the kids to play on!

    Love ya!

  79. Hey Bill Gates, I guess my father Harold Coulson Chambers III left me with a debt owing you (word perfect) over half a million. I have a few great ideas. Could I get a loan that states this. “All profits from my ideas will go towards his debt to you and your loan to me. After both debts are paid off, then I can collect a little cash profit for my self?” PMC IV

  80. great but a little dreamy :D

  81. wow!! …i love these articels.

    -try bill gates official site its wonderful.

  82. What does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul…?

    • How has he lost his soul?

    • Bill Gates has donated 58% of his fortune, while the Walton’s have given less then 1%. So how exactly has he lost his soul? You need to do some research before making idiotic comments such as this.

    • Its not the fact of him saying Bill Gates has everything and lost his soul, its saying does Bill gates have God in his heart? I can everything in the world and it be blessed by God. or I can have everything and the world and God not be apart of it.

    • When was the last time you donated to a charity? Let alone started your own with your own money? Yea didn’t think so.

    • what does his soul have to do with his money and what he does with it?

  83. my last comment,probobly wasn’t good enough,his house,is beautiful,astonishing,a work of art

  84. Ilike it because it is full of green .happy news for us that the main living room is modest.

  85. Nice House. I’d probably put an addition it though.

  86. Mathew 19:24 proclaims ; ” It is easierfor a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God ”

    Take heed Mr Gates, there is much more to life than money, and there is MUCH MUCH more to death than dieing.

    • At least he can probably spell dying…

    • Wow..really? you do know he has given away billions of dollars to charities right? He also urged other billionaires to do the same with great results.

      He only gave his son 100k for college and pretty much said your on your own.
      He is a self made billionaire that isn’t greedy or selfish. He has done very very well for himself and has done more for the common good of mankind then 90% of the world could say. I wish more people would think before they speak or type.
      Then again this is the internet and most the commenters on here can’t even spell correctly let alone do some research and get some info on the guy before blabbing their mouths off with a bunch of BS.

  87. Unfortunately everybody will die sooner or later.So, when this is going to be made a museum?Bill?Any estimates?

    • But you don’t seem to get it. There is eternal LIFE after the grave, for some and there is eternal WRATH for others. Unfortunantly you CAN NOT buy the LIFE part, and according to Jesus words, in comparrison it is MUCH EASIER !!! for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for Mr Gates to enter heaven for the eternal LIFE part. Gafes needs to get his priorities straight if he expects the LIFE hereafter part. Jesues told one rich man the following about how to obtaining the LIFE part , He said “Go and sell EVERYTHING that you have and give it ALL !! to the poor ( not just 58% ) of it but ALL , come and follow Jesus, and then he would have the LIFE part, but he would not do that, so hwe wound up with the eternal WRATH part.

    • Anonymous, you are sick.Your brain is malfunctioning :).

    • I believe Anonymous has a point, but then again Anonymous we don’t know Bill Gates true belief in God. You can be saved and not show it anymore. Also you can have everything in the world doesnt mean you have to get rid of it. As long as you never put it over yourself or anyone especially God. God loves to see us enjoy the things we’ve created its just He doesn’t like us to be full of ourselves. Maybe Mr. Gates is saved and walked off the path, maybe God is using him in ways we never know. Don’t go judging people because you don’t know whats really going on. Only God and the person themselves do.

    • You guys are all idiots. Its Bill Gates choice what he wants to do with his money. One person said one thing about God and now you are all saying Bill Gates wont go to heaven because he is has money and he spent it on his company and on his house. ITS UP TO GOD not you guys to decide.

  88. Also this house is the perfect momunent of human avarice.I mean he pays 1 milion $ taxes?For what?4 lorries of wood.Oh he’s living in the area with the best schools in the world?Damn.He has sensors to control the temperature?Damn this house wastes like a fossil fuel power station.Bill Gates is the example of greed, unlimited greed and desire to be different than the others.But he is no more than your average Joe, and he knows this very well.His charity work?Hmm.Not focused on the real problems.

    • All yall r 2 stoopid 2 realize wat u guys r talkin about. 1st of all Bill Gates can buy wat he wants and I think u guys r just jealous because u cant afford any of that. 2nd theres nothin wrong with enjoying your life here on earth, u guys wanna turn it all n2 some religious crap. Jus bcause he made something of himself dont mean u should hate on him. ALL YALL NEED 2 GET A LIFE !?!?!?!?!?!

    • For one, the house is more then likely updated with solar power, since this video was done in 05′ and Solar panels weren’t widely used. He pays 1 million a year for taxes, which is an invalid argument since he makes that back in hours. Has amassed billions which last i checked 1billion = 1,000 million so good luck making him go broke in his lifetime. If you want an example of greed goo look up steve jobs.
      He is no more then your average joe? well what was any millionaire/billionaire before they became rich? Your average Joe. I would like it to stay that way.

      Funny you have nothing to comment on his charity work. Do you even know what he does? or the 60 or so percent that he gave away to them?

      And to the poster before me.. Stop killing the English language with all that BS typing, learn to spell.

  89. Bill Gates is an accomplishment,contributes more to society than anybody here who is hating on him ever will, so stop being a jealous hater and let a man who made it in life enjoy his wealth however he wants.

    • hi mr Anonymous, i think you need to be wise, you are not the only christian here on the internet besides i am also a born again christian but what i just want you to know now is that there are other method of evangelising to people, to my own opinion i think what you wrote is extremely due to the fact that you are unwise and you lack character. You dont just open your mouth and talk anyhow due to the fact that you are a christian, remember it is by the grace of God that makes you to be what you are today not by your power that is one of the reasons why Jesus said that we should not judge others,to my own opinion you just judged him and that is a sin, remember you yourself doesnot know where yu will spend your eternity, that is why the word of God says “he who thinketh he’s standing should be carefull or else he falls”, so i think you need to be careful yourself and stop fooling yourself here. i see what you just wrote as stupidity in the highest order because Bill gates may never have the opourtunity to read it which makes your comment a blackmail and christian does not blackmail others instead why not mail him, give him a call or even pray for him. As for me i appreciate him and the works of God in his life .

    • Be wise Mr Anno, i understand you quite well but you are over doing things, instead pray for him. Dont hate him, why should you hate this man.

  90. Mr Gates has achieved so much, and inspires many. There’s nothing wrong with having super-abundance. Actually, that’s how it ought to be with EVERYONE. And the universe has vast abundace enough to support that!! So, please, leave Bill.

  91. SmartestPersonAlive


  92. I used to really dislike Bill Gates as someone who placed profit above all. I gained tremendous respect for him when he and his wife started working full time giving away their money to solve the least expensive problems that helped the most people. Bill was shocked these solutions, like 50 cents a person for malaria prevention, weren’t being paid by some G8 nation. So, he stepped in. He also asked most/all of the billionaires and multimillionaires to publicly pledge 50% of their wealth to solving problems. Many had already done so, just not publicly. Made me change my prejudice feelings for many of the “greedy” rich. And whether he believes in God or not, he’s doing Gods work.

  93. reynaldo elcano caranto

    hello, mr. bill gates, im glad you had perform your most ability in making possible just like this microsoft,at the start your still developing the system maybe you dont know yet the outcome of your project, ive seen these system before way back when i was young,around 12 yrs if im not interested in music as i said its lacking hearing beautiful music without the real one who sing the song being seen in the television as as noted before but,it was just the real thing on the monitor board, in short i said to my self its nice to hear music with the one who sang and to be seen .this one pala you called as a you tube my meaning for youtube your connected.hwat i want you to deep run the system is to read the mind of the brain bringing back the start when first the brain work of the human being ,meaning as they call the time machine i have many ideas or thinking that are only now has done in reality im 54 yrs already born sept 11 ,1956. binalonan pangasina philippines, if only you can give me a chance i can either share what is in my mind.thank you,finally im civil engr. in accident long for now and regars sir…

  94. i just love every thing my mentor did in his precious life may god be with him and us all

  95. Bill gates has not lost his soul he has a charity and has given millions to the charity and got people to donate millions to help people with less money! This guy is a great persona and very successful

  96. I think personally anybody that leaves a derogative remark should take a deep look
    inside their own being and c how they can change their own actions and thoughts and do something in their own life that is going to help mankind or make the world a better place well done bill gates u did the right thing..may u blessed with goodness

  97. The world is lucky i’m not bill gates cause… i wouldn’t donate 58% of my fortune to poor people i would buy every electronic system in this world and have fun with it untill the day i pass out !! :) no doubt but it’s good he did donate that much and i respect him but my point was :) i WOULD USE IT FOR MY PERSONAL GAIN ;-) sorry hate me ;-)

  98. Wonderful house what a technically he built. I like it very much.

    • Yes,he built a good technically.It,a all that technology you know. It,s good for the technically as long as your technically mind is technically inclined

  99. I hope no one hacks into Bill Gates’ house.

  100. WOW I never new how rich that guy is!!!


  101. Hi Mr Gates

    Nice house, i`ve always been a great admirer of your work!

  102. Great house who ever you are

  103. wow!!! hes amazing i wish to be like him someday

  104. What a nice property Sir. I admire your good works Mr Gates

  105. I think Mr. Gates does not know the meaning of impossible

  106. hello, sir
    one thing i dont undrestand why is not made of concrete. its all wood that i see concrete and Marble flooring would have been more luxurous than wooden. I really appreciate your good works and the donation you give each year. i wish you be a richest man forever.

  107. Holly Crap People are Stupid

    I read about half of these retarded comments and I realized that our education system has failed most of our population. The horrible spelling, grammar and sentence structure really are tragic! Bill Gates earned his wealth (this means his monies)and can write and speak well (he speak real gooder Englsh (figured y’all could understand this garbage easier). It is so disgusting to see so many uneducated, stupid people in America, but it is really horrifying to see it nightly on replies and comments on internet articles… so damn sad! Go Bill, you have the money and give more than anyone so you should indulge and pamper your family and yourself. All the retards putting random, misspelled words in a comment section where educated people read them should be ashamed and get an education… it is also called proof-reading your shit, uh garbage, before submitting it!

    • It really is astounding..

    • I fully agree. Most people can,t even talk proper like what I does.I am lrnig to text wif my fone n,duh my tumbs is gettn sore so now I use my no no no, cant use that word on here .

      All the comments on here are a dreadful indictment to the state of education in the world today. Good conversation and manners are almost a thing of the past. Also,people dress like slobs, even when they go to the theater or a concert.
      Oh well back to ma fone

  108. Nice amazing…. I like it.

  109. wow love this house is so many things to do, but i will on the computer the whole time.

  110. Why didn’t he spend some of that money on the foundations that he is making other people invest in?

  111. You know it is amazing how smart you are.But you should invest in charity,and help those who can’t afford these things.Also it doesnt matter how big your house is,it matters that your with your family and your happy.

    • I’m so thankful to Bill Gates for all the positive things he has brought into this world!!
      And I’m also so grateful because he has set scholarships and they have helped my daughter with some $$$ for college!
      You’ve been a blessing to the world in many forms Mr. Gates!! THANKS!!!

  112. You people are funny. How can you say that he needs to give some of that money to the foundations he is making people invest in? How much do you want him to give? He has given more money then you or I will ever see.

  113. a……w……s……o…..m…..e………………

  114. i studied in computer i have computer programming degree trust me its really hard at first especially if you don’t no nothing about but he actually made a program that everyone one uses you cant talk bad about very good man

  115. i think bill gates is soc a homo he is so ugly

  116. reynaldo elcano caranto

    create more complicated computer/like faster than the brain or nearly equal which is more possible around 40 yrs behind iwas so fun in lestining a radio music im enjoying but got into my mind theres a lacking one may be i said its more enjoy to hear that music when you can see the real performer and now that brings already ,that, the youtube pala.

  117. He got a corvette that is the size of 2 limos lol love that house and i can tell you’ve seen nothing you will be chocked if you see the surprises inside that house. Love Bill Gates I love Microsoft, i know he donated a lot but being the riches man in the world is a hard task and wouldn’t consider being that rich. for me 10 million is MAX will never go over that.

  118. Bill Gates House Aerial view

  119. Bill – Help, I am lost in your house. I went to use the can between hands of bridge and now I keep walking in circles, I think I lost my chip and the walls keep changing, it feels like Alice in Wonderland, I am leaving a trail of hundred dollar bills like the cookie crumbs left by Hansel & Gretel, but these digital birds keep eating them. – WB

  120. My house is cool

  121. I love your house(:

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