Weekend Warrior

Back in April, we wrote about a program that can save you some big bucks on eBay by allowing you to search for misspellings of the item that you’re looking for.  The benefit and the savings come from the fact that the majority of people who spell the search correctly won’t come across the misspelled listing. Just like the programs designed for eBay, there are several websites that are dedicated to those “fat finger” airfare discounts; the ones that are clearly a mistake and only around for a short time.  

So what are these “Fat Finger” websites? First of all, Fat Finger for those unfamiliar means typo.  Yes, the deals are brought to you simply because of human error, and other humans pointing out those errors. But of course, they are mistakes and so they typically don’t last very long! People are very aware these mistakes exist and will make sure they seek them out, and when they find those errors – they let everyone know.

One website that searches for those cheap “fat finger” flights is  They rely on those serious people that are always out for a bargain to come across the errors in tickets.  It works by the traveler telling them where they want to go.  After the destination is given, Cheapflights will work to find you a good possible match. You’re never actually buying through the website, rather you’re directed to the actual website of the airline or the web address where the “typo” was found. 

Thus far in the history of, they’ve had quite the set of deals like no cost flights (excluding taxes). It’s one of those things where you have to be there at the right place at the right time to take advantage of the mistake, kinda like the lottery.

If you’d like to check out, you can click here and begin your search.