Free For All Friday

FileMaker Campus Productivity Kit is an awesome tool for any college student to keep themselves organized in every way. It’s purpose is to help you be more productive so you’ll have more time in your life for the things you’d rather be doing. It utilizes five modules with a built in database. Plus, it’s free which is why it’s our “Free For All Friday” feature!

Downloading the file from their website is no hassle.  Best of all, you never have to install anything! It would be easy to stick it on a USB drive so you’d have it no matter where you go or what computer you’re on. Their motto is “Manage people, projects and campus life – the easy way” and they help you do this with the five modules:

  1. Manage contacts
  2. Organize research and lecture notes
  3. Assign group project tasks
  4. Coordinate events
  5. Track to-do items

— Manage contacts —

The first module is used for managing your contacts (pictured above).  The contact form is very complete with fields for every detail imaginable.  There’s also the option to insert a photo for each contact that you add.  Three different ways to view the contacts include two different table formats and a list view.  There’s an overall summary view that conveniently combines all of the important details into one screen.

–Organize Research Material and Lecture Notes —

The next module is used for organizing your research materials and lecture notes.  This module includes a section for lecture notes, important documents, images, and a web lookup. The web lookup takes you to a Wikipedia search page.  You can create a list of your classes that are stored in a drop down list which makes it easy to return to materials for a particular class day after day.  Under the lecture notes section is the option to choose whether it’s notes or an assignment.  If it’s an assignment, you can quickly add it to your personal to-do list.

— Assign Group Projects/ Tasks —

If you ever have to work in groups for a project, this module is perfect for keeping the entire group organized.  Tasks that need to be divided among group members can be organized and assigned with this module.  It includes a status such as assigned, overdue, or complete.  You can fill in a due date as well as who is assigned to what task.

— Coordinate Events —

The next module is used to coordinate all of your events and those attending.  Within this module is the option to send out emails to the groups of people attending the events. If you had a major event to plan, this certainly would be a helpful tool. You’re able to easily add and keep a record of registrants. You can either view the overall summary, just the events, just the registrants, or just the event contacts. This keeps everything simple and organized.

— To-Do Lists —

The last module is probably one of the more effective features.  If I don’t make a list of what I need to get done, I’ll more than likely forget something.  The built in “to-do” feature helps you to keep track of what you need to do and prioritize those tasks.  When you’re managing your tasks, you’re able to view only “Today’s” items, incomplete items, or all to-do items. When prioritizing your tasks, the options are high, medium, or low.  After you’ve complete it, you click the “completed” check box. And as mentioned, you can auto add items you’d like added from your to-do list from the notes and projects modules.

— Additional Details —

One of the most beneficial features to the Campus Productivity Kit is the option to save any of the information within your modules as a PDF or Excel document.  All of the modules have at least two different views like a table or list view for easy managing. They also include a toolbar to the left of the screen with easy navigating options. It uses a drop-down list so that you can get to any of the other modules easily.

If you’re a college student, this is a great free solution to keep yourself and your notes and other activities organized. I’m just finishing up my college career and certainly could have used something such as this! I really like the concept of the modules and the easy navigating it provides. The program manages very well with easy switching between modules. Visit FileMakers’ Campus Productivity Kit website for the FREE download!