Weekend Website

Do you find yourself doing the same thing weekend after weekend? Maybe you go to the same restaurant or play the same game over and over again? If you’d like to change up your normal weekend routine, you’ll want to checkout, a local event-based social networking community.

What is

going chicago is all about helping you find fun things to do around town. You can also post events for others to see. In general, they tend to cater to those in their 20’s, but really, anybody could benefit from their site. Another big part of the site is meeting new people who will be attending the same events as you.  Going acts as a way to both meet new people and find new things to do.

Cities They Cover

At this point in time, they only service six different cities which include:

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Miami

As you’ll see once we get explaining all that offers, it’s really a great service and so hopefully they’ll be expanding to your city soon.


You do not have to sign up for an account to benefit from  You just won’t have access to all of their features. Here’s a quick run-through on some of their features:

  • If you find an event that you’re interested in, just mark it as something you’re interested in and they’ll help you keep track of it
    chicago events today 1
  • Receive a weekly newsletter with updates
  • Post your private Party or a public event and promote it
  • Keep track of events via RSS

Searching for an Event

Many young people don’t exactly have a lot of money, so entertainment has to be cheap. When you’re searching for an event, you can modify the search and only view events that are free, under $10, $10-$20, or over $20. This will help you find the perfect event that helps you stay within your budget.

Are you looking to get out on the town at a certain time during the day, maybe between 5PM-8PM? Going allows you to select the time of day that you’ll be going out so that you can find events that are going on during that time.  You can choose daytime, 5PM-8PM, 8PM-10PM, or late night.

Not everybody wants to be heading to a club on a Friday night.  Events are broken down into different categories so that you can see only music events, only cultural events, etc. There are also editor’s picks which are fun too. Additionally, you can pick a specific date that you’re looking to get out and have fun on, and it will show only events happening on that day.

No matter what it is you’re looking to do and how much money you’re willing to spend, finding an event takes very little effort.

chicago events today

Events I Might Like

Another one of those perks to singing up to be a member is that you can get personalized events. Each time you read about an event, you can check “I like” or “Nope” that you don’t. Based upon this information, will come up with a list of events that you might like.

events to like

My Events

The “My Events” tab is personalized just for you and will help you keep track of your events.   It’s a color coded calendar that divides all of your events into four different categories:

  • Events I’m going to
  • Events I like
  • Events I posted
  • Friends’ events

This way you can easily keep track of what your social schedule will be like. You can also export the calendar to Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal which is an extra added convenience.

events calendar

Photos & Groups

Those of you on Facebook or MySpace know how crazed people are with sharing their photos with others.  Going wants you to share your photos too. Users can post photos from events that they attended so that other users can browse them. Additionally, users can tag someone in the photo by name. Thanks to privacy settings, you have control over who adds tags to your photos and which photos you can be tagged in.

If you’d like to talk more with those who will be attending the events, you can talk to them in any of the different groups that have been created. You can also create your own groups. Each group has a message board where people can talk and post comments.

Wrapping it Up is a great place to go for when you’re wanting something to do and you’re just not sure what’s going on.  As mentioned, the service isn’t available in every city out there, so hopefully they’ll be expanding in the future.