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  CyberNotes: Finding A Sleeve With the Perfect Fit For Your Laptop

After purchasing a laptop, the next step many people take is to consider the options for finding a case or a sleeve for protection. When you’re traveling, having a case or a sleeve is really important. After I purchased my laptop, I set out to find a sleeve. I didn’t want just a generic one size fits all kind of a deal, I wanted one that had a perfect fit.

Searching on eBay is always a good place to start. Typically prices are reasonable and there’s a good selection. The problem was, most companies only make 1-2 sizes and so either one option was too small or the other option left too much room for my laptop to wiggle. eBay was no different with only a couple of different sizing options. I continued my search and came across I knew I had to be in the right spot because they had not one, not two, but five different sized cases made especially for laptops.

What is different about CasePC is that they’ve come up with a different, more effective way to protect your laptop. Many cases or sleeves are designed with the biggest opening on the long axis and most of them zipper. CasePC reverses this and uses the short axis as the opening and NO zipper! They use velcro instead which while I wasn’t too fond of it at first, I’ve come to like. It prevents your computer from getting nicked and scratched up from a zipper. The inside of the sleeve is a soft velvet liner. More impressively it has layers of a high density foam to keep it protected. It is also water proof and puncture resistant not to mention that it simply looks cool! What more could you ask for?

CasePC uses a ‘SureGrip’ front panel that is a textured, rubberized material which makes it easier and a bit safer to handle. It has a large rear mesh netting pocket great for storage that can be utilized in a vertical or horizontal position. CasePC also offers a great sizing guide complete with model numbers that makes it easy to find out which sleeve will fit your laptop best! Here are the sizes:

CasePC Size Will Fit Laptops Up To (Inches)
Extra Large 16 x 11.375 x 2
Large 15 x 11.875 x 1.875
Medium 13.75 x 11.875 x 1.75
Small 13.75 x 10.25 x 1.75
Extra Small 11.75 x 9.25 x 1.375

On their website they claim that their cases allow for an almost custom fit for 95% percent of laptops! The sleeve I purchased was just about as custom as you could get! This is a perfect sleeve to keep your laptop protected no matter where you’re traveling! With five sizes available, you’re bound to find the perfect fit!