Web Browser Wednesday

We all love our Firefox extensions that set out to make us more productive and social, but what about the ones that appeal to the entertainment side of our brain? That’s right, there have been several extensions created that bring classic arcade games and more right to the Firefox browser.

Games like Frogger, Asteroids, Pacman, Tetris, Snake, and more are all available. Of course many of these games can already be found online without needing to install a single thing, but regardless it’s fun to see Firefox extension developers bring our favorite games to our favorite browser.

Note: After installing any of these games you can launch them from the Tools menu in Firefox.

–Froggr (Homepage)–

This is a simple Frogger clone that is far from fancy, but once you complete one level you’ll go ahead and move on to the next. Over the course of the game the speed will pick up to make things a bit more difficult, but I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle.


–Red vs. Blue (Homepage)–

I can guarantee this game will sound stupid, but it’s a lot more challenging than you think once you start playing it. The goal is to get all of the red dots on the left side, and all of the blue dots on the right side. Simple enough, right? All of the dots are constantly moving bouncing off of walls, and the only way you can move them from one side to another is by adjusting the position of the vertical bar in the middle. You’ll get the hang of the game in less than 2 seconds, but I’m sure it will take you a lot longer than that to win.

red blue.png

–Mozteroids (Homepage)–

This is an Asteroids clone, but it’s definitely not as good as some of the web-based versions out there. The gameplay is definitely a big choppy, but it’s still pretty cool to have.


–Pacman (Homepage)–

I’m not a big fan of the green background in the game, but the overall gameplay is very good. At first the game will probably seem pretty slow, but you can get around that by going to the New Game menu and selecting a faster speed. Each level appears to use the same board, but the ghosts become more aggressive.


–Xultris (Homepage)–

This is a very good Tetris clone that has everything you’d expect it to. You can choose to play with one or two players, and there are nine different difficulty settings which increasingly bump up the speed of the falling blocks.


–Snake (Homepage)–

It’s the classic game of snake! I’m fairly confident that most of you know how to play this already, and so I’ll spare you the details. The only advice I’ll give you is to not press the New Game button after starting up the game. Instead press the “N” key on the keyboard to start a new game. Otherwise when you try to use the arrow keys to control the snake it will just toggle back and forth between the two buttons.


–Xoom (Homepage)–

It’s time to get your racing gear on. This is a miniaturized racing gaming that has two different tracks: one for beginners and one for advanced players. You use the spacebar to control your acceleration, and the arrow keys for steering. Not too complicated.

Here’s what the advanced track looks like:



I know the games aren’t exactly going to blow your mind, but I was rather intrigued that people are even taking the time to create them for the Firefox browser. Out of the eight I have listed above I’d say the Red vs. Blue is my favorite, and can actually get addicting (as well as frustrating). Take any of them for a spin though, because they are all free.