Fun Friday

On occasion, most of us have days where we don’t really feel like getting a whole lot done. Or maybe it’s  raining or snowing and your stuck inside? Whatever the reason is for your lazy day, you’ll need something to keep yourself occupied while you sit in your comfy chair and relax. Today’s Fun Friday is a collection of five fun (and free!) games to play for when you’re bored and need something to do. Most of them can only be played for a relatively short time before they start getting old, but they’re still a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Simon Says…

Remember the classic game of Simon Says? This online game is somewhat like that except your goal is the follow the pattern of lights and sounds for as long as you possibly can without messing up. If you miss, you’ll have to start all over again which can get really frustrating! Be sure you have your sound on when you’re playing this one because hearing the sounds that come from each colored button does seem to help. My best is 9, what’s yours?

Play Here

simon says


The goal of shuffle is to get all of your colored balls off of the board. In a way it’s like pool because you’re shooting one ball to move the others. All you do is click and drag your mouse to choose your speed and direction and then let go. It’s as simple as that!

Play Here


Mario Tetris

If you haven’t played Tetris in your lifetime, I don’t know where you’ve been living. :) Just in case though, it’s a falling-blocks puzzle game. There are all kinds of versions out there for a variety of gaming systems. There are even versions for graphing calculators and phones. This version is Mario Tetris and it’s as fun and addicting as ever.

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Budapest Defenders

Budapest Defenders is a shooting and strategy game in which your goal is to prevent enemy units from taking over the Hungarian Revolutionary headquarters. In the instructions, it says, “if you can plan correctly, choose and place your units wisely and manage your resources, you can hold them off and win the game. They offer two levels of difficulty to choose from, either Novice or Expert. Just play a few rounds and you’ll get a hang of it.

Play Here

budapest defenders

Park a Car

Can you park a car without hitting any other vehicles. This game has different levels that continue to get a little more difficult. If you can park your car in the designated spot without hitting another one, you’ll move on to the next round.  Controls are basic and involve only the arrow keys and the space bar. Oh, and be sure your car is parked front first unless it says otherwise! There’s no backing in. The game is over when you hit a car.

Play Here

park a car