Time Saving Tuesday

The weather is never what you expect it to be which is why everyone relies on accurate forecasts. With so many options available for following your weather it can be tough to find the perfect one. Below I have listed several ways that will help you retrieve the weather using websites, free software, personal homepages, and feeds.

The list started being purely text-based but then I realized that it would be much easier to compare them if I took screenshots. So that is what I did:



–Free Software–


–Personal Homepages–



From the list above I primarily use Weather Watcher and the Yahoo Weather Feed. Those two give me enough weather coverage that I generally know what to expect when I walk out the door.

If you know of any other good weather sources please let me know and I might add them to the list. I tried to cover a wide range of alternatives but the weather forecasts are so important to people that there will always be hundreds thousands of alternatives available.