Fun Friday

Another Fun Friday is here again, and this week we’re taking some help from the Ripley’s Believe it or Not website where all of these pictures come from.

— The World’s Largest Pot of Soup–

The world’s largest pot of soup could feed 60-70 thousand people! The pot contained 3,960 gallons of soup.

ripleys 1

— Snakes are the new security guards–

People are worried about jobs getting outsourced to foreign countries, but what about jobs being outsourced to animals? The snake pictured below protects a $120,000 pair of sandals at a store in London.


— Take a Bubble Bath in the Ocean–

A natural phenomenon resulted in the picture taken below.  Apparently in New South Wales, this phenomenon covered the beach in foam.


— Oldest Chewing Gum… Ever!–

How’d you like to come across a 5,000 year old piece of gum? It looks like a rock to me, but it’s an already chewed piece of gum!


— Get bit by a snake… with its head cut-off?–

How’d you like to get bit by a snake that has had its head cut off? One man experienced just that, and the pain and swelling was intense! Next time you come across a rattlesnake, remember, it can bite you – even with its head cut off.

ripleys 5

— A Cat That can predict death–

If you live in the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island, this pet cat should scare you.  Apparently Oscar has predicted the death of over 25 patients. When he goes and sits by a person, they usually end up dying within a few hours.


— The World’sLargest Snake–

An electric fence was installed after a farmer wanted to solve the mystery of what was happening to all of his animals that went missing. This is what he found – the World’s largest snake:

ripleys 7

— Climb the stairs of the Empire State Building–

Taking the stairs at the Empire State Building sounds exhausting enough, so imagine what it was like for this guy to climb all the flights of stairs on his hands!

ripleys 78jpg