Fun Friday

It’s once again Friday, so we decided to have some fun. What better way than to take a break and play a game or two? One of our readers, Radu (thanks Radu!) recently sent us a tip to checkout which has over 200 games available for your enjoyment. These aren’t complex games by any means, and you probably won’t be spending hours playing them, but they are fun. Today we’ll just point out a few of the games that we came across that we enjoyed, but feel free to checkout all 220 of them here! If ever you’re in need of a time-waster, this will be it…

Oh, and before we get started, we just thought it was worth mentioning how the site operates. It’s described as a system of “one in one out, so when a new game is added it simply replaces the least popular one in the existing selection.”

Unfortunately we can’t link to any of the individual games because of how the site is designed, so we’ll include the icon that you need to look for next to each game.

Pool pool-1.png

The classic game of 9 Ball Pool is one that many of you will enjoy. If you’ve played any type of pool on the computer before, you’ll know how this one works. You left click your mouse and hold the cue to drag it with your mouse. The more you drag the cute back, the harder you’ll hit the ball. You’re given five minutes to play and the only downside is that you can’t play against the computer or anyone else. - pool.png

Arcatris tetris.png

This is essentially the game of Tetris, another fan-favorite. Use your arrow keys to move and rotate the pieces, and the space bar to send the pieces quickly down to the bottom. The music is a little annoying on this one so you might want to mute it…


Tennis tennis.png

Ready for a quick game of tennis? It’s not as easy as it looks, especially if the computer’s skill level is set high. You end up using the arrow keys and the spacebar, and you can play either an exhibition or a tournament. The player who wins by 3 games wins.

Tennis Game.png

Orbox or.png

Orbox can get difficult pretty quickly, so beware! Using the arrow keys, you’ll guide the blinking blue square to the red square, being sure not to fall into outer-space.


Cobacoli cobacoli.png

Cobacoli starts off a little slow and may take you a little bit to get the hang of it, but it’s a lot of fun once you do. Using your mouse, you will click to shoot a while ball to hit a colored ball. You goal is to hit the colored line with the same color ball. Now here’s the thing, if your white ball hits a colored line, you lose one of your shots. At the later stages of the game, this can get pretty tricky! _ Cobacoli.png