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Error messages tend to be something that most computer users deal with at some point or another.  Usually they’re to be to the point, and polite, but that’s not the case with the set of error messages I’ve got for you today. They’re pretty funny, and thankfully most of them aren’t even close to what we’d receive as actual error messages – I don’t think any of us would enjoy being scolded by our computers. :)  At the end of this article, I’ll also provide a link to a site where you can go and create your own bogus error messages.

Windows 98 Update Wizards

funny error message 1

Keyboard not plugged in

funny error message 2


Catastrophic failure

funny error message 3


You’re been warned…

funny error message 4


Fatal Error

funny error message 5


Big Error

funny error message 6


Hidden Settings

funny error message 7


Make Your Own Funny Error Messages

Just in case you’d like to create your own funny error message, this link will direct you to an error message generator.  There are a handful of icons to select from, and then you can write your own message. Have fun!

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  1. :P yeah seen some of them before somewhere, it really crack you up laughing. good for taking breaks while you work on MS Win

  2. I wrote a little program, Dr.Windows, inspired by that error generator page.

    Please use only for fun — you might just drive your relative’s crazy if you put it on their computer:

  3. An error message generator?!??!


  4. I’ve found a better way to do it…to make REAL messages that pop up on your computer…and it’s amazingly easy:

    1. Open Notepad.
    2. Type in: lol=msgbox(“*put text here*” , 19, “*put title here*”)
    3. Save the file as title.vbs

    Instead of the number 19, here are some other options:
    Non error style:
    01= ok, cancel
    02= abort, retry, ignore
    03= yes, no, cancel
    04= yes, no
    05= retry, cancel
    06 to 15= ok
    22 and 23= ok

    Error style (like with the red x and all that jazz)
    16= ok
    17= ok, cancel
    18= abort, retry, ignore
    19= yes, no, cancel
    20= yes, no
    21= retry, cancel

    Also, yes, you do need the quotes inside the parentheses.

  5. PS. You can save it as whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be title….it just needs the .vbs. Just thought I’d clarify that.

    Also, that tip works best if you put the actual file deep into a folder, then…
    1. create a shortcut for it
    2. plop the shortcut on the desktop
    3. change the shortcut name to “Firefox” or something that’s frequently used on the computer
    4. change the icon of the shortcut to the Firefox icon…

    So yeah, now you can make it say that the computer is going to blow up when you click on the firefox icon :D.

  6. Looks like DKong has got some programming in his blood. :)

  7. Hey DKong does this work on Windows Vista?

  8. Nothing works in Vista!!!

  9. Hey anonymous why dont you try it on Vista and see if it works! it takes like thirty seconds

  10. windows XP and all other windows computer sucks
    donky balls. GET A MAC!!!

  11. I got an error message saying HELLO! Looks like somebody f***ed you! 1 2 3 4 5 I’m not going away! (It took like 2 minutes to get it away!) Hey idiot robot! ANd it kept saying like send this to someone you like and finally it went.

  12. Absolutely hilarious!!!

  13. What about this?
    Self made fake windows messages:

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