Free For All Friday

There are multiple different RSS Reader’s to choose from these days, and the list of options keeps growing.  Now we can add Fwicki to that list of reader’s. So what is Fwicki and how is it different from every other feed reader out there?

Fwicki uses an RSS reader that combines mashup, ajax, and feed generation. It offers some customization and personalization.  One option that you have is to create your own personal fwicki page that would potentially be your master feed list. Along with the customization is the Fwicki search engine that will help you find the feeds you’re looking for. They also have a system where you can vote useless Fwicki’s out of the community.


Mashup just one single master feed to create your fwicki.  In the account settings, you are able to select the number of results in your customized blend. Fwicki’s’ can be private or public.  The set parameters in accounts settings will allow you to determine the number of results that would be in your chosen blend.

— Fwicki Page–

Instead of having a feed reader, you can have a Fwicki page which would replace your reader. If you have a blog, you’re even able to integrate your Fwicki into  your site.

If you’re wanting to learn more about Fwicki, they do have video tutorials available which will demonstrate what the reader is capable of. They explain how to create a Fwicki, managing ads, and settings and status.  If you’re wanting an account, there are a few different options ranging from free – $10 per month, or even a $10 or $18 one time fee.  Visit Fwicki and check it out!