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Prices at the pump continue to go up, and if you’re like me, you like to find the best price in your area to save yourself a few bucks.  This is where comes in, and it’ll probably be your new pal. is constantly checking the gas prices from more than 179+ different gas price information sites, and then it compiles it to give you a list of the prices from the various gas stations in your area.


  • Get a comparison of what the average gas prices are today, yesterday, one week ago, one month ago, and one year ago.  For example, today the average price in the United States is $3.23, one week ago it was $3.14, and one month ago it was $2.87
  • View gas price temperature maps. The “warmer” the color, the more expensive the gas is.
  • Search by US Zip Code or City, State. For example, I searched for prices in Chicago, Illinois and then I got a list of the gas stations and the current price.
  • Receive average gas prices for your city compared to the USA
  • Giveaways! Currently they’ve got a contest going on with four prizes consisting of $1,000 dollars worth of free gas!
  • View recent gas related news from around the web.

DashboardgaswidgetBesides and other websites like it, there are other ways to keep up with the gas prices. One such way is by using a dashboard widget or a desktop gadget.

Dashboard Widget (Apple)

If you’re an Apple user, check out the Gas widget (pictured to the right). You’ll receive up-to-date gas prices which are color coded by your preferred grade. You’ll also have links to Google Map so that you can easily find the gas station if you’re unsure of where it is.

It’s free for download and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

Download here.

GasWatch Widget (Konfabulator)

GaswatchAnother widget for your desktop is called GasWatch which will show you the lowest priced gas station that lies within your zip code. And just like the Dashboard Widget for Apple Computers, you can click to view a map of where the gas station is.

The data that is used for this widget comes from, and it’s another easy way to save yourself a few bucks.

Download here.

Gas Price Information (Vista Sidebar Gadget)

If you’re using Windows Vista, this one is for you. It’s a great addition to your sidebar gadgets and provides you with the local gas prices. The best part is that all of this helpful information is right in your sidebar.

After installing it, you just have to enter in your zip code and it will tell you the lowest price, the average price, and the highest price for your area. By clicking on any of the three numbers that are displayed, you’ll get the list of gas stations, their address, and what the gas costs.


Download here.

Between, and the use of widget’s and gadget’s, you should be prepared to save yourself a few bucks as the prices at the pump go up.