Weekend Website

Way back in September of 2006, we wrote about a site called The service used an iPod-like interface which acted as your own personal jukebox to stream music that you selected over the Internet. It was simple and provided decent music for free. That was the last that we mentioned it though, and to be honest, we had forgotten about it. Fast forward to today when we decided to take a look at a music-streaming service called Deezer. To our surprise, we learned that Deezer was formerly known as Today we’ll be taking a look at Deezer, what it is, and everything that it offers.

What is Deezer

deezer 4 Deezer is based in France and is an on-demand music service.  If you’re familiar with IMEEM, in some ways, it is similar to that. Part of the service incorporates music news, and a community of users, and of course listening to music of your choosing. One of the things that users seem to like best is that it’s not limited only to the United States like some music services out there. In all, there are 16 different countries where the service can be used. If you’re wondering if your country is one of them, just go to and in the top right corner, look for your country’s flag or just look in the screenshot below.

deezer 5

Is it legal?

Before we get into the ins and outs of the service, many of you are probably wondering whether it’s legal or not. From what we understand, it is completely legal. They’re based in France and pay fees to the French equivalent of the RIAA and therefore, according to the French Government, they are complying with copyright laws.

Free Registration

Registration is free and will allow you to add songs to a playlist. You can still listen to music without registering, you just won’t be able to access any other areas of the site. Registration requires only a valid email address and general info like name and country.

Creating a Profile

Deezer is as much about socializing as it is about music.  Users can create a profile with photos, preferences as well as musical styles.  You can add friends, invite friends by importing your contact list, and search for members. Just like Facebook and MySpace, Deezer provides a spot where a user can update their status like “Ashley is ______.” They include a message center so that other users can easily send you messages.

deezer 3

Searching for Music

Deezer is all about finding music that you like, so searching is important.  You can search for music that they might have in their database by entering a tile of a song or the artist. I entered the search term “Lifehouse” and received a big long list of songs from the group.  You can also browse their catalog by artist.

deezer 2

Playing Songs

After you’ve searched for a song and you click the play button, it will start playing. The player appears in the upper right corner and that’s where you can pause a song or move on to the next track if you’re playing from a play list. In the player section, you’ll see a place where you can rate a song or download it. Clicking download will bring up your two options to either download from iTunes or Amazon. By clicking the “blog” link you’ll be given the code necessary so that you can embed the player on your blog or personal website.

deezer 1


Not only can you search for songs and listen to them on-demand, you can also listen to a variety of different radio “stations.” They even have a SMARTRADIO which is tailored to your tastes.  If they play a song that you don’t like, you’ll just tell them and then the system will learn and improve.

deezer radio

Other Features

  • Add Your MP3s
    Under the “My MP3s” section you will be able to add your MP3s.  Deezer will allow you to store as many of them as you would like and then they’ll be accessible once you log in. This could serve as a great back-up solution or give you access to your library of music when you’re away from your home computer.
  • View the Top Artists and Albums
    Under the “Top” section you will be able to find the top artists and songs in four different countries including the UK, France, the United States and Germany. For example, I clicked on the United States and found that Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis is one of the current top songs. In The UK it’s Wow by Kylie Minogue.
  • View Friends’ Playlists
    Once you add friends, you’ll be able to view their playlists
  • Music fades out…
    One song will fade out and the next song on the list fades in which makes for nice transitions between songs
  • Great Flash interface
  • View the latest Music related news under the “News” section

Give Deezer a try and let us know what you think. You’ll probably come across a few songs that they won’t have available and at times the load time can be a little on the slow side, but I think you’ll find that it’s a pretty decent service.