Free For All Friday

It is Friday and I thought I would provide some lucky people with the chance to try out Writely! This will give you something to do this weekend as you prepare for July 4 (which is Independence Day for us in the United States).

CyberNet News currently has 50 ‘invitations’ to join Writely which was closed off to new members once Google acquired them. To get one of the invitations please read the details below.

Get An Invitation To Join Google's Writely Word Processor

These are not really invitations, but I will briefly go through how it will work. To invite someone to join I simply create a document. I then add someone (by email address) to be a collaborator on that document. Writely then sends an email to that user saying that they can now join Writely and they provide a temporary password. Then all you have to do is go here and login with the email address you provided and the temporary password they emailed you.

So this is how it will work:

  1. Leave a comment below with your email address. You ONLY have to place your email address in the email field so that it does not get posted on this page. This will prevent your email address from getting spammed.
  2. Periodically during the day I will send out these invitations. I am not always going to be at my computer so you may not get it immediately.
  3. The first 50 comments will get an invitation, and please do not double post a comment. Anyone that posts more than one comment will not receive an invitation.
  4. Once 50 invitations have been sent out I will post in the comments below letting you know. We do plan on doing this again in the future and we may possibly make this a Friday thing (it is quite time consuming to send the invites out though)!