Web Browser Wednesday

Gmail 2 has introduced some exciting new features to users including AIM messenger support, color coded labels, and several backend improvements. All of these changes have helped remove the need for some Greasemonkey scripts, but such drastic alterations have caused a lot of broken scripts.

Luckily the developers of the Gmail Greasemonkey scripts have been trying their hardest to update their code to work with the new version. Below are 7 scripts that all work with the new Gmail 2.

Note: Gmail 2 is only available for Firefox and Internet Explorer right now, so these scripts have not been tested outside of Firefox.

–Gmail Quota Graph (Homepage)–

If you have a hard time keeping up with all the storage Google is offering Gmail users then what you might need is a graphical representation. This small script plots a graph showing your Gmail account usage (blue) versus the storage that Google is offering (red). Try to keep the blue line from meeting the red one. ;)

Gmail Quota

–Folders4Gmail (Homepage)–

This is hands down one of my favorite Gmail scripts. With it you can quickly create a folder-like structure for your labels. Google has a feature like this on the horizon for Gmail 2 users, but as it stands right now Folders4Gmail plays a big part in my Label organization.


–Gmail Real Estate (Homepage)–

Want to take back some of the screen space that Gmail occupies? With this script you’re able to condense down the “sidebars” and the header in a single click. On top, left, and right edges of the screen you’ll notice a small arrow which can be used to expand/contract the respective areas. In this screenshot I only have the header condensed:

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Gmail Real Estate

–Blue Gmail Skin (Homepage)–

If Gmail isn’t blue enough for you as it is this is a script that you’ll want to install. For me the bright blue buttons take it a bit over the edge, but that could just be me.

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Blue Gmail Skin

–Enhance Gmail (Homepage)–

As of right now this is the only way for you to view your Google Calendar without leaving Gmail 2. It simply divides the screen up into two different non-resizable frames, with your email located on one side and Google Calendar/Chat located on the other.

I know what you’re thinking…why would I need a link for chatting when there is already Gmail chat built-in? This script opens the Flash version which is a bit more powerful, but it also eats up much more of your Inbox screen space.

Tip: The developer of the script recommends using the Enhance Google Cal script as well to force Google Calendar to fit in such a small area.

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Enhance Gmail

–Gmail Beautifier (Homepage)–

This is a simple way to hide the right column when you’re reading an email. Once installed you’ll see a right/left arrow that corresponds to collapsing/expanding the sidebar.

Gmail Beautifier

–Gmail Full Width (Homepage)–

If you feel the need to eliminate the ads all together this is the script for you. It will remove the ads from the right side, and place the buttons that were in that column alongside the subject of the email. It looks so good that you would almost think that this was Gmail’s default layout.

Gmail Full Width