Million Dollar Monday

The world’s first 48mm full-frame DSLR camera has been revealed by Hasselblad and includes all of the bells and whistles with a price estimated to be at around $31,000 US for the 39MP model. If the $31,000 is a little steep in price for you, there’s always the 22 MP model price at around $25,000 ;)

So what makes the Hasselband 48mm DSLR camera unique? Well, for starters, the 48mm x 36mm image sensor that is more than two times the size of the largest 35mm camera sensors.

While it’s certainly not the smallest camera on the market, it makes up for its’ bulk with the quality precise pictures it captures. It features a Digital APO Correction (DAC) which results in sharp detailed pictures.  The camera was developed using a new digital camera engine which has been credited for outstanding performance the camera offers.

There are two different options for storing images.  the first is by using a CompactFlash card, and the second is using a FireWire-tethered 100GB Hasselblad Image Bank.  Images can also be transferred via the FireWire tether to a computer.

A few additional features include a 28mm HCD lens, natural color solution, ISO range of 50-400, long shutter speed of 32 seconds,  waist-level viewfinder,  and a 2.2 inch OLED color display.  Each picture will be around 110 MB!

While the price tag is a little on the heavy side, Hasselblad has truly created a luxury camera. And of course, Hasselblad is leading the way because it’s the world’s first 48mm Full Frame 39 MP DSLR camera.