Tutorial Thursday

One of the most common things that people probably do at work is chat with their friends. There are a lot of instant messengers out there such as Windows Live Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, and Yahoo but how can you talk with all your friends when you are at work?

Many companies prevent software from being installed which makes it difficult but sites like Meebo will let you chat with your friends using an Online interface. However, some companies will even go as far as to block sites like Meebo to ensure you focus on your work. Meebo has come to your rescue by releasing the Meebo Repeater. It is a quick program that you download, run (no install required), and open the URL that they give you. Here are the few simple steps:

  1. Download, extract, and run meebo repeater.exe.
  2. You should see a dialog box that shows that the Meebo Repeater is testing your Internet:
  3. If all goes well you will see an image much like this that provides the URL you need to use in your browser:
    If the program does not work it will take you to a site to show you how to setup your router to work with the Meebo Repeater.
  4. Just point your browser to that URL and Meebo will be at your fingertips once again:

Meebo developed this tool because they didn’t want people using proxies which can prove to be insecure and steal your information or passwords. Looks like Meebo may have put themselves ahead of the competition once again.