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What would you do if you lost your entire movie collection? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some backups laying around in case someone scratched your precious Rudy video or your dog ate an entire season of the Simpsons?

A popular application called DVD Decrypter lets you copy an entire DVD onto your computer’s hard drive, and it bypasses any copy protection mechanisms that would make duplicating a store-bought DVD otherwise impossible. The only problem is that new copy protection algorithms are frequently being created, and this application hasn’t been updated since 2005.

For that reason you should use Free DVD (kudos to xpgeek in the forum for pointing this out). It can copy an entire movie to the hard disk while removing all traces of copy protection (CSS, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and Sony ARccOS). This application is frequently updated, and best of all it’s not hard to use nor does it require any installation.

How you copy a DVD movie:

  1. Put the movie you want to copy in the DVD drive of your computer. Open up the contents of the DVD using a file explorer, such as Windows Explorer, and copy the VIDEO_TS folder to a location on your hard drive.
    VIDEO_TS Folder
  2. Download and run Free DVD (the free version, not the Platinum). It’s only 44KB, and doesn’t require any installation.
    FreeDVD Copy Protection Remover
  3. In Free DVD, select the VIDEO_TS folder you copied to your hard drive in the first step. You’ll receive a prompt notifying you of the restrictions that will be removed.
    FreeDVD Copy Protection Remover
  4. You probably won’t need to adjust any of the settings, but go ahead and do so if it’s needed. Then press the Free DVD! button to remove all copy restrictions from the movie.
  5. Then if you want to put this video on a DVD you can use DVD Shrink. This program will also remove copy protections, but it is well over a year old and you’ll probably run into some DVD’s that it doesn’t work with. If you use Free DVD first then all of your issues should be solved. The great thing about DVD Shrink is that it will also cut down the size of the video so that it will fit on a normal DVD instead of needing a dual-layer disc.

Backing up your DVD’s has never been so easy! Now remember, these instructions are for educational purposes only, and I guess they should only be used on your own home-made movies that you apply copy protection to. ;)

Once again a big thanks goes out to xpgeek in the forum for pointing out this great app!

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  1. This looks promising. I’ll try it out later. Thanks for the tip.

  2. An easier way with less steps: Use AnyDVD – it decrypts the DVD after you put the disc in – on the fly.
    Then use CloneDVD to shrink and burn (all at once).

    You can use both programs for free as trial versions, and then buy them.

    AnyDVD is very frequently updated and if you buy it, the purchase price includes lifetime free updates.

  3. It might be a little easier, but I can deal with the few extra steps and saving myself $50. :)

    • can you please help me i have to help children at the st. jude hospatil

    • Okay, I am trying to figure this out. I can’t find FREE DVD. What is the precise website for this. I can find one that you have to download but the instruction says that it doesn’t have to be downloaded so I am thinking that this is not the right one….but it is 44KB as described.

    • Let us know when you get tired of redundantly performing those few extra steps.

  4. You’re using Free DVD there. The other program also on the download page, DVDFab HD Decrypter, requires installation, (no idea if it actually also works on HD-DVD’s as its new name would imply), but will rip the DVD for you while removing the encryption, combining two steps and saving some time.

    Note : as you say educational purposes only, but, I think it’d be wise, just to be safe, to clearly state that in the US it is a direct violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA, and against the law to strip, break, or bypass, any commercial copy protection.

  5. I agree AnyDVD is outstanding, I have used it for years and well worth the price.

    It is entirely transparent, updated more then any other app I have ever used (although I wish they would make the update a little more automatic), and has never caused any problems whatsoever in XP or Vista.

    You install it, and as far as any application on your system is concerned, no DVD in any DVD drive is unencrypted, period. I have never had a failure.

    • Err, typo I think Seth. It should read “encrypted”, not “unencrypted”.

      >no DVD in any DVD drive is unencrypted, period.

      Agree that AnyDVD is the best out there. Freeware would have a really hard time following the encryption changes in commercial DVDs.

  6. Look at Ryan teaching the CyberNet community about how to pirate movies. :P (I’m kidding!)

    I usually use DVD Shrink to backup some of my older movies, and sometimes the newer ones. It works fine for me.

    • I’m new to this, and am trying to figure out how to back up my movies. 5 kids and alot of destroyed movies. I would rather them watch the back up. I have DVD Fab but I can’t get it to burn any movies any longer. I have heard of DVD Shrink, but not sure exactly how to use it. Can you help me out?

  7. Thanks Ryan & XP :D

  8. It should also be noted that ripping a DVD to a HD can get rid of skipping.

  9. Yes, AnyDVD is fantastic. This freebie looks worth a try though.

  10. Thanks for the tip ryan.

  11. Seth Brundle wrote:
    I agree AnyDVD is outstanding, I have used it for years and well worth the price.

    It is entirely transparent, updated more then any other app I have ever used (although I wish they would make the update a little more automatic), and has never caused any problems whatsoever in XP or Vista.

    You install it, and as far as any application on your system is concerned, no DVD in any DVD drive is unencrypted, period. I have never had a failure.

    I find it funny that there are companies who build software for pirates and they expect to sell them. :P Most pirates will find a way to get those great tools for free.

    I’m pretty sure both of those programs could be found on the torrent networks.

  12. Can you please tell me how I save or make a cd or dvd of video files I saved in a folder on my desktop? Thanks richardm

    • Do you have a cd / dvd burner on your computer?
      If so, open it and drag your file where it tells
      you to then hit the burn or copy button.

  13. richardm wrote:
    Can you please tell me how I save or make a cd or dvd of video files I saved in a folder on my desktop? Thanks richardm

    The easiest way is to use a program such as Nero to burn them.

  14. Free DVD and AnyDVD look to be PC tools; how can I do this on a Mac?

  15. sometime back i had used pinnacle software and dvdshrink to convert my old vhs collection into dvds. However, now they are not working – meaning, the dvds freeze while playing on a dvd player. Is there a solution to this problem?

  16. your instructions are not clear enough for me. after installing both these programs, I need step by step info and help to guide me. care to provide?

  17. When I copy the video_ts folder on to my HDD, 2 files will not copy … any way around this

  18. What is everyone talking about?!?! Has anyone actually tried ripping a newly released DVD lately with any of these programs: AnyDVD, DVDFab, Xilisoft DVD ripper, (I won’t even mention DVD Decrypter, hasn’t been updated since ’05)? I have been trying but does not work with new DVDs there must be some new Anti-piracy mechanisms on the new DVDs because none of them work! However on Older DVDs they work amazing!

    • DVDFab works on all movies. Have never had a failure. It is updated when necessary I guess.

  19. :!:Maybe you should try actually just paying for the movie? Some include a free digital download as well (the Dark Knight for example) Its only 15 bucks people. :!:

    • $15 bucks that’s twice as much as I paid for at the theater. It should be only $3.00 at most, I already paid into the box office receipts!

  20. Boobabbobba–because some people have six children who love to watch certain movies over and over and over and over again with their little finger prints on them, or getting dropped, or taking them out of the baby’s mouth, *some* people get tired of buying the same movie again and again. Let’s face it, DVD’s made the image better and the storage neater, but we’re back to the days of records–you scratch it and you’re screwed! For $15 may buy the movie, but for $20 (bulk DVD’s) I can ensure I will never have to buy that movie again.

    • I so agree. I have bought so many copies of the same movie, the favorites, the ones we tote around in the cars and portable devices….this will be so nice.

    • Well said! The whole copyright thing has gotten out of hand these days. I can understand them wanting to stop people selling ripped copies, that makes sense, but for them to think they can tell people what they can and can’t do with a product once they have purchased it is… well… fascist.

  21. after you copy the video TS file onto the computer and it takes the copyright info off of the video how do you get it to play. I have windows xp with windows media center, windows media player, and cineplayer. I just copied the file onto the desktop and now do not know how to access it.

  22. Having gotten through steps 1 through 4 with no problem, now would someone please tell me how do I play the movie on my hard drive? I do not yet own a DVD burner so having returned to the location to hwich I copied VIDEO_TS, I don’t see any file which would open in Windows Media Player, etc. Is it still necessary to use DVD Shrink to burn it to the hard drive or what? Thank you.

    • Save the VIDEO_TS folder in an ISO image then mount that image in Daemon Tools lite. You Should be able to watch your DVD without burning it to a DVD disk.

  23. Also what about AUDEO_TS? Does it not also need to be copied and burned in order to hear the movie?

  24. Thanks for that :)

  25. I was wondering.
    Can these then be played on any dvd player like the origional?

  26. try dvd43 for tougher copy protected movies

  27. When I try to copy the Video_TS folder in Windows Vista I get a copy protection error and it won’t copy to my hard drive.

  28. DVD Smith Movie DVD Backup is also a good choice. It is free and rip protected DVD to your computer hard drive.

  29. hiya i have never don e this before and wat u lot are talking about mean nothing to me lol
    i need to copy a copy how do u do it every thim i put it into my laptop i just starts playing any help pleae

  30. Why,Why,Why, Do I sometimes only get the directors cut on my copys.?..Using dvd clone and dvd anywhere….

  31. When i try to copy the video_ts file to my HD i get an copyright protection error message saying that i can not copy it. I am running windows vista.

  32. I have followed the steps to Copy an DVD. I have managed to do it but it only plays on my laptop. What do I need to do to make it play on my DVD player?

  33. Lately I use Blu-Ray & DVD Decrypter and I must notice that the program has simple exploitation – everything works quickly, without any headache ))) easy base which helps in such processes like ripping or burning. I have some problems wiht the keys but it is nothing comparably working in this program!

    U can try a free version here – []

  34. Hello what i would like to know and sorry if i sound dumb i am kinda new to thins whole thing. Once i do all these steps to get the DVD on my hardrive will i still be able to watch the movie on my computer without the disc and also can this also we done with external hardrives

  35. Hello Friends,
    I have got some video files on my PC. I want to make DVD by buring these video files “for playing on my DVD player” not on PC but standalone DVD player.
    Can someone provide me a free good software download link to make such DVD and the procedure please?
    Thanks in advance…


    • Try sothink movie dvd maker. It allows you to burn video files (avi, mpeg, etc.) to a dvd. It is free and pretty easy to use. You can put a dvd name and name each file, so that you can choose which video to watch on the menu.

      Sadly, I have not been able to make it work burning DVD files.

    • DVD Flick works great for most video files

  36. Having gotten through steps 1 through 4 with no problem, now would someone please tell me how do I play the movie on my hard drive? I do not yet own a DVD burner so having returned to the location to hwich I copied VIDEO_TS, I don’t see any file which would open in Windows Media Player, etc. Is it still necessary to use DVD Shrink to burn it to the hard drive or what? Thank you.

    This is exactly my problem above….. I am new to this too can someonw please help as I would like to copy to my itunes for my son’s ipod

  37. I copied someones comment above and added mine to the end but am not sure how to track the answer…. opps :roll:

  38. Hi i was wondering is there an up date for dvd decriptor or is there any new software i can download some dvds i copy dont burn sony ones?



  39. OK..I’m an idiot…all of the steps worked like a how do I get it to play? TIA

  40. C’mon guys, all this BS and it’s really quite simple. Download dvd shrink and imgburner. Both are free, just type em in google and it will take you to the download site. Record the dvd to an ISO file on your hard drive and then burn it to a dvd with imgburner. Like I said, simple. It will play on any dvd player and is an exact copy of the original. It amazes me how some people try to make things so complicated when it really is a very simple process. Also if you take the time to look at afew of the sites that google brings up you can find detailed instructions for the process. Have fun and you can do this, I promise.

    • didn’t you hear them say that they didn’t have a dvd burner?

      For me, I back up all my movies onto my hard drive into VIDEO_TS folders and view the movies using Windows Media enter (not Windows Media Player). I’m not sure what other software can play VIDEO_TS folders. Does anyone know?

    • Thank you very much Anonymous!! You answered the question’s that I was googling tonight and now I am burning mad dvds with help from the dvd shrink and imgburner! They worked great for me!!

  41. When I copy the Video_TS file sometimes it is over 60 gigs in size. On DVD Decripter I noticed there are about 10 repeats of the movie. How do you fix this?

    • Did you ever receive a reply? I have the same issue..all of the files are the same size and play the same movie…..

  42. Try VLC to play Video TS

  43. Boobabbobba……. as others said, more than likely they’ve already bought the movie and the kids, quite frequently, have added their “special touch” to the disc. I travel constantly and have cracked several discs. And oh, BTW, I paid full price for EVERY SINGLE DISC in my collection. All I want is a travel copy of a few favorites, or better yet some way to copy a few of my PAID FOR movies onto my PAID FOR Zune so I can watch while I’m traveling.

    (A lot of us military folks are “traveling” so we can protect the rights of folks like you to say glaringly anonymous rude and obnoxious statements to others who are asking innocent questions. God Bless You anyway.)

  44. I use DVDSmith from [] It’s a Freeware and works for my DVD movie collection. The pro. version of DVDSmith is Any DVD Cloner which can be downloaded from []

  45. pls,can you send to me or write on steps on how to play dvd films on my desktop.i use dell studio hybrid e-mail is

  46. For thoses of you wondering how to watch these ts files without burning it to a DVD…

    1. Open Windows Media player
    2. Right click on the top bar
    3. Select File
    4. Select open
    5. The file explorer will pop up. Go to the folder where you copied the ts files. Select all of them
    6. Click on open

    The DVD should start to play on Windows Media player

    • Hey, Marc, thanks for the invaluable information. I would never have guessed at the outcome you suggested. It works like a charm…now, the DVD I’ve copied doesn’t have the correct extension to be recognizable…how do I “convert” the file to something that Windows Media Player recognizes? Anyone?

      Oh…I also used Free DVD to remove the protection devices…hope someone can answer my question!! Thanks.

  47. What about using a mac? These are all windows!!!!

  48. thank u so much hopefully it help

  49. I have some movies (horse show videos) that I recorded using my Canon HF100, converted to standard def and then recorded on a DVD (authored). I then deleted the files off my PC to save space. I just bought a media hub (network attached storage) and want to transfer these movies (including audio) to my media hub from the DVDs. How can I do this for free (need to transfer about 10 recordings – new recordings will be copied directly)? I have the question into Canon but no response yet.

  50. I agree DVD shrink is nice but it is OLD and won’t work on any new movie.

  51. I just tried this using Windows Vista and it won’t copy any of the actual movie files to my hard drive to even be able to use the Free DVD software. Help anyone?

  52. Gents, to play on your HD, if for some reason Windows Media Player won;t work, get a frebie called VLC Mediaplayer. It plays absolutely everything and is open source. The link is here: []

    Just a word as well. There is a search engine called google. You can find it here:


    You would be completely floored and what you can learn and find out by simply typing something live “free movie player” and pressing the Google Search button.

    • Just to clarify becasue I simply KNOW someone will be all confused by it, the word ‘frebie’ above is actually supposed to be freebie and it means it’s free, no cost.

  53. There may be free products out there but if you download the wrong one you’ll need a new PC.

    I’ve been using Clone DVD from [] for backing up my DVD movie collection. Great products and great tutorials to help.

  54. I don’t know how to burn CD and copy the DVD to the desktop? Please contact me by +85513743337.

  55. Any one know a programme thatwill take off subtitles ?

    • no, but I know that you can’t spell/press your space bar for shit.

    • If your subtitles were merged into the video track of the movie, then they cannot be removed… This might happen on theater-ripped copies of the movie, or in movies that were ripped as a copy of a DVD-player’s output-stream into a new file. These cannot be modified after they are created.

      However, if your subtitles are a separate selectable feature as they should be on an original purchased DVD, then the way to remove subtitles is to use your remote control on your DVD player.

  56. If i download dvd shrink and imgburner and record the dvd to an iso file, after i burn it to a dvd using imgburner will i be able to watch it on any dvd player?

    • The iso file is supposed to be identicle to the original. So, when you burn your DVD from an ISO file, your copy should act exactly like the original.

  57. has anyone tried making a disc image of the dvd then puttting it on a blank?
    i think it would work and have all the menus and pirate locks so you wouldn’t break the law (not that i care about the law)

    • What you are talking about is essentially what we are discussing when we talk about ISO files…

  58. DVD Shrink/Decripter worked great until about a year or so ago. Then I went to DVD-Cloner which worked great until the latest release. I haven’t gotten a good copy since. I installed DVDFab v6 about 2 months ago. I should have removed it before now. All it has done is added to my drink coaster collection. It’s bad enough that it doesn’t work. It also insists that I insert DL DVDs and won’t recognize the D5s even when I tell it to. No, DVDFab is not a viable solution. DVD-Cloner was the best. Hope they get it fixed. The kids destroy the DVDs as fast as I can record them.

    • Good to hear that my kids aren’t the only ones. I’ve just started to make copies and found the AnyDVD and CloneDVD to be working fine even on new releases..thank goodness.

    • The best software to use IMO currently for (2010-11) is DVD43 version (which is the latest version) combined with 1 click DVD Copy PRO (not the latest but close enough). You can find cracks for 1click but they’re usually riddled with viruses. 1click will set you back 80 bucks though if you wish to purchase it legally. If you try hard enough you can get it free (and virus free). This will work on any movie (at least all I have seen tried). Basically once you have this package there is no way they can make the movie to where it cannot be copied (standard DVD that is NOT BLUE-RAY). All the strings have been pulled. Anymore changes and your DVD players wouldn’t even be able to play the originals (and they can’t do that). These programs I have seen copy even the new ones such as “A Christmas Carol” (2010 release). It doesn’t hurt though to still keep DVD Shrink for trimming up the movie and NERO for merging together the VTS files to help complete the process on the really difficult ones. Your wasting your time with anything else older (DVD Decryptor…etc). Good news is that this package (once obtained) should see through to the end of the Encryption attempts. Like I said not many more changes can be performed without sacrificing video quality, performance and playability… I may be proven wrong but not yet so far. 1click makes it easy. Click and burn (1 package). Sorry for the book…. :>)

  59. Do any of these programes work on windows 7? I previously used DVD43 but this doesn’t run on windows 7.

  60. I am using iskysoft dvd ripper on windows 7 without problem.

  61. I just finished copying a DVD (so I won’t destroy my original dvd) using DVDFAB. Easy to use. Have windows xp

  62. What do you do after you’ve done all the steps above? I want to copy a DVD to my flashdrive.

  63. how do i copy a mini dvd to a dvdrecorder

  64. use dvd decrypter. it is free and alot easier to use. just go to mode, iso, read then mode, iso, write.

  65. Thank you for creating this tutorial. It is immensely helpful as a way to backup DVDs. I have also created a post for those who want to copy DVD to hard drive if you want to store your movies on your PC instead of another DVD. With the price of hard drives coming way down, this is a good option as well that requires little no DVDs.

    • Where is your post Richard? I’m confused from reading everyone’s input – I just want to know how to copy a Movie to my HD, not burn one. All my PC’s have different OS’ so I can do it on any.
      Also, just a thought, if I am playing the DVD while my external HD is running, will it also copy the movie at the same time?? That’d be cool!

  66. HI everyone I am just a beginer with this. I’m stii reading sites on downloading things. So all this is very confussing. I mean I,m not dumb but it,s a lot to grasp. I have a custon bulit computer and a friend just istlled a new burner in it,but never showed me ho to use it ! Great huh? Can anyone help me or tell me what site to go to that’s pretty easy to understand?T.Have a great day and,. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

    • Linda

      I’m searching for the answer to your question aoso. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to burn a DVD.

    • The easiest way to burn a DVD, is to hand it to someone who already does it, and say, “will you copy this for me?”

  67. ive been having success with copying a couple of dvds to make backups, however ive run into a bit of an irritating problem.. what i do is convert the vobs to mpeg or avi…etc but im noticing that, and lets take tv episodes as an example here, the vob files often dont correspond to episodes… what i mean is on one vob u could have one and a half episodes of something then on vob 2 the last episode would be split… Ive also noticed on some vobs that the video suddenly stops at the end, as if there is meant to be end credits or more dialogue.. in some cases the dialogue is cut completely, and the next vob is the sequence wont contain the apparent missing info at the start of it.

    as anyone run into this often annoying problem, if so is there anything that can ripp or convert a dvd structure (vobs.etc) so that I end up with separated episodes or whatever.. I hope im explaining myself properly


  68. I have copied the video onto my Hard Drive, downloaded the FreeDVD and the DVDFab programs. I ran the FreeDVD on the Video-TS file. Downloaded Nero 9 and when I looked at the files I copied from the DVD movie it had Nero 7 on the disk. I put a blank DVD+R disk in the computer and I get this message:”D:\is not accessible. Incorrect function.” All I did was click on the D: drive in explorer. Would anyone know what the problem might be? I also put a blank Music CD-R in the drive and got the same error message, but I can watch DVDs or listen to CDs with no problem. I don’t know what to do next. I sure could use some help. Thank you

  69. DVD Shrink 3.5 burn most movies except for Disney and Lionsgate. What program can u use to burn these movies?

  70. i cant believe that theres such a huge thread over something thats so easy to do,,come guys talk about smarties for brains

    • If you are able to copy dvd movie to the hard drive is there some way to edit it such as copying one segment then repeating it or reversing it? This is my main objective, I still have to find out how to get it on the hard drive or external drive.

  71. I’m having the same problem as one of the other posters. I can’t seem to copy the DVD onto my hard drive. I’ve got Windows XP Media Edition. It will start to copy and then give me this error message:

    Cannot create or replace VTS_01_0: File system error (-2147351799).

    All assistance appreciated. Thanks!!

  72. i need something to copy a dvd to edit it,for a video for youtube.
    i usually use free-star dvd ripper,and it works great,but it won’t rip what i need it to.
    Can you help please?

  73. How do I copy a DVD to my MacBook? FreeDVD needs windows to open.

  74. Hello, I have some DVDs I want to sell, but first I want to keep a copy of them on my hard drive, how can I save them on my PC with the subtitles and all the other features of the DVD….I tried makemkv, but it doesnt copy the features and makes many files instead of just one…please help

  75. Hello, I have a DVD i want to copy and I don’t know how to read or use a search engine. Your instructions are like.. written. I can’t READ! plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111

  76. Hey have u guys tried tunebite soft ware? Does it work? Has it been or need to be updated?

  77. I need help making copies of DVDs then putting them on a blank DVD!!! I have decrypter and shrink!!! Don’t know what I’m doing or how to use it… Please email me thank you!!!!

  78. I tried to backup movies from DVD. I use AnyDVD as well as other programs to back them up. However, what’s weird is that … although the programs appeared to copy the movies into harddrives, when I burn them onto discs … the segments all messed up. For instance, the end of the movies is at the beginning, the beginning got lost somewhere in the middle, etc. It’s like the “movie pointer” gone haywire. Anybody has this kind of problem? I use the same program before and did not have this problem. Does this mean new script/encryption being implemented so people can’t back up the movies. please help. Thx.

  79. Hi sorry to be so dumb, but i have two DVDs of a TV program that a friend copied for me, but when I try to play them on my player nothing happens and the message says ” Disc not Finalized” What does this mean please and is there anything I can do to them to get them to play? I also copied them on my computer as I have done others but get the same result.

    • Take them back to your friend and they will have to finalize them on their DVD player so that you can play them on yours. It’s no big deal.

  80. I need to keep the subtitles, but they disappear when I shrink and copy. Even if I copy while a play the movie with VLC, the subtitels disappear.

  81. Copy DVD movies is easy.

    Download & install DVDBack Decrypter, it is free.

    Rip the movies to folder and burn the movies with nero.

  82. I found this and it worked really well. Also the guy was very helpful

  83. If you want to burn off to DVD then try using ConvertX. An excellent little program that i’ve been using for a while now

  84. I have windows 7 and want to copy 12 DVDS of an exersice program and burn copies for my brother in law, Can I do it with windows 7 media or is it better down loading one of the free programs you all mention. Appreciate a little help

  85. The author should have noted that DVD Shrink looks for updated versions of itself when it’s run. It’s domain name is rumored to have been seized when the program was litigated out of production. Thus, your IP address may be sent to the movie industry people who shut it down when you run it.
    Always set your Firewall to block it’s internet access and turn off check for updates in the preferences.

  86. thanks it woorked

  87. What do I do if I cannot find the “VIDEO_TS” folder?

  88. Amazing. Thank you so much.

  89. Oooo! So much confusion here. Lets make it a little simpler with some explanation.
    1.The Video_TS folder on the DVD you bought contains files of type xxxxx.vob.
    (in the same way as Micrsoft Word has files type xxxxx.doc. Those three little letters at the end are called the extension, and are what Windows uses to find the right application to run or open the file.
    2.The problem is that Windows as standard will not copy protected files. Bill Gates probably agreed that with the major movie studios.
    3.But there is a lot of freeware, shareware and commercial software that bypasses that problem and DOES allow you to put the Video_TS folder onto your HD with the copy protection removed.I won’t repeat information posted above. Just google or follow the links and download the various bits and try them to see if they work for you. Just get the TS folder onto your hard disk.
    4. Once that is done you can do what you want with the VOB files. They contain all the info you need: video, sound, and subtitles. There are other bits of files that have data containing the menus and so on. Don’t worrry about those yet. You don’t really need them.
    5.Try playing the VOB files on your computer. Two free players that are very good at this are “KM Player” and “Mediaplayer Classic Home Cinema”. The easiest way to get the easiest player is to install the free CCCP Codec Pack. It contains a copy of Mediplayer Classic and, in addition, has all the codecs you need to play 99.9% of the movies available on the net (including flash videos XXXXXXXX.flv, H264 videos XXXXXXXX.avi or XXXXXXXX.mkv, AND DVD videos XXXXXXXX.vob). I normally advise against codec packs, as they can screw up your system badly, but CCCP is an exception. You should uninstall any codec packs you have already installed, and reboot (restart) the computer before installling CCCP. Mkae sure that the option to install Mediaplayer Classic H.C. is ticked, or, if you prefer, you can just download the latest version of Mediaplayer Classic H.C. from Sourceforge (Google).

    So now you can play the VOBS. Just open the folder, select all the large 1,024 Kbyte VOBs. (not the little ones, not needed) and drop them onto Mediaplayer Classic H.C. It will play them easily with it’s standard settings.

    6. Now you MIGHT stop there, or you MIGHT want to do one of two things.
    a) Make a DVD from the VOBS
    b) Recode the VOBS as an avi or mkv mkv is prefereed, its a public domain format that is a lot more flexible than the old . When you recode them you can get very good quality smaller movies, typically half to one quarter of the size of all the VOBs together.

    For a), you need to read up on how to get a programme like Nero (free version with most CD/DVD burners) to take the VOBs and burn a new DVD. Or, you could short circuit the whole process by using one of the all-in-one converters that back up the entire DVD content and prepare a file ready to burn to DVD, or even just burn it for you automatically. I prefer to do it the long way because then I can decide what I need and leave out junk like trailers, ads and menus that I don’t want.

    For b) You need to read up on transcoding the VOBs to other more highly compressed files. That can get quite technical, but it can be made easier if you have say and ATI Radeon Video card with it’s Espresso video convertor software. That uses the Video card to do all the hard work and is much faster than using the CPU of your computer. Espresso can convert to a limited number of formats and does not compress so well, but it is quick. A full DVD can convert in under an hour compared to 24 hours on a fairly quick computer. (for high quality). If you want to teach yourself how to make very good avi, mp4, or mkv copies of a DVD movie, then look around for meGUI, it is reckoned to be the best by many experts and does have a simple one click standard setup for those who do not want to do their own detailed setup. Like I said, you will still need to do a lot of reading and experimenting to get it right.
    Again, there are commercial programs that will do it all (or most) for you. but I’ve never heard of one as good and as flexible as meGUI.

    Hope this explanation helps those who are very new to video. There were questions up there that showed total ignorance – nothing wrong with that, we all had to start sometime.

    • So as of today you say the meGUI is all you need to be able to back up your dvds. you don’t need clone dvd or anydvd? or does meGUI do it all?? i have kids and they like to not take care of things like this and also will it do 360 games too ?? if not have any ideas of what software would? three kids wanting the same 50.00 to 60.00 dollar game can’t afford/and will any help is appreciated.. blue

  90. I’ve used the software suggested and have now copied my dvd in a .ts file folder on my laptop. I want to safe this (& many more dvd’s to come) to a media hard drive that I bought and be able to play on both laptop & TV. My problem now is that the media hard drive doesn’t recognize the .ts file folder & will not let me play on the TV.

    Can someone tell me a way to make the vob files in the .ts file folder (only care about the main movie, no extras) into 1 file for copying to the media hard drive?


    • Harry Swettenham

      On your Laptop get DVD Shrink. Once you have installed this program run it, click open disc and select the DVD drive the DVD is in. Once you have done that click Re-Author, when Re-Author opens click DVD browser and only select the main movie. When you have clicked the main movie go to compression settings and select the language you want, after that click back-up and follow the instructions given.

  91. can i edit the video in the Video_TS folder using Windows Movie Maker?

  92. woo ,great post. Dvdfab is fantastic on windows , how about it work on mac?
    here is review a DVD copy software ,very detailed.

  93. Ok, this newbie has copied Video_TS to hard disk and removed the ‘uop’s’.After some faffing around I have got the recommended ‘DVD Shrink’ to encrypt and back-up the folder which then told me it was ready to copy to DVD but I first needed to load Nero.
    Nero didn’t seem to like the idea as the it insisted on wanting a CD-RW for the DVD compilation. So I uninstalled Nero and replaced it with AVS4You, DVD authoring software. This seemed likely to proceed but then a new obstacle- even though the encrypted filed for copying shows only 4.32Gb when I hover the cursor over it- AVS4You tells me the file is actually 25Gb and far to big for a standard single layer DVD of 4.7Gb.

    What could I have done wrong and mor improitantly, how to correct matters so that I can burn a DVD?

  94. i’v followed all the steps,includind downloadind the freedvd. After d application finds all d protection restrictions,i click on ‘freedvd’ and then it tells me my video ts file is read only.What can i do? i need a response ASAP pls. thanks in advance

  95. It seems a good thing ,will try it later!I use Any DVD Cloner to decrypt and burn DVD currently,will check if the one you mentioned here is better.

  96. I don’t know if I can ask a question here or not, but here it is: I have some proprietory coaching videos on my computer. Is it possible to tell if a copy on a disc has been taken from my computer.

  97. I couldn t agree more! GJ! financial help

  98. Harry Swettenham

    Hello everyone and if you want to Copy YOUR OWN FILMS then your in the right place. To copy a commercial DVD and fit it to a standard DVD is in possible unless you use these products and software.
    Commercial DVD
    DVD Shrink ( the software that copies and shrinks the DVD to your HDD)
    Ashampoo Burning Studio
    4.3 – 4.7 GB DVD-R or DVD+R
    use these products and software to get a 9GB dual layer film onto a 4GB single layer disc

  99. Google DVDFab and download it. You can burn any movies with this simple program. It is updated every 2-3 weeks. Couldn’t burn True Grit with my older copy of DVDFab but new one did the trick. Goof-proof. Easy learning curve.

  100. Thank a million to all you people who took the time to post all this information and tips.
    It answered all my questions,and when I purchase a DVD burner to add to my system I shall be taking Mr Dan Taggarts advice and download DVDFAB
    I believe this is the most current info to allow me to make a copy of DVD.
    I should like to point out , the DVD that I am wanting to make a copy of is a DVD made by a local company of a personal event my wife appeared in, not a commercial movie. If I want a copy of any commercially produced movie I just but a used copy at my local Video store, usally at about 1/3 and less of the store price.
    Sincere thanks again to all you people for all the information.

    • Clonedvd2 (from elaboratebytes) and Anydvd (from Slysoft) together copy about 95% of the movies in 2011.
      otherwise I use the Anydvd with DVD Decryptor (original one).
      as for copying hollywood movies these work fine, but I don’t know about the “Bwawam – Chicka – Chicka – Bwawoom ” types

  101. hello, i need some help here.
    which software should i use to burn dvd disc so that it can be supported by video player that plays on tv and computer? its urgent tq.


  103. Can I copy the movie to my phone or ipod and have it work now?

  104. Ok so the honest people buy DVD shrink and Any DVd which they pay for yet still they are ripping off the Actual Movie CD whatever ,if you can afford the software then buy the Movie etc too ,People who are maybe disabled or too poor may benefit but still I didnt bring up the good feelings by buying the software,only wondering

  105. Hey what do you do if there’s a video ts file and an audio ts file? i know free dvd is only for video ts files so if i run the video ts file will i still have the audio? since there’s a different file for it?

  106. Thanks for taking the time to talk about this, I really feel strongly about it and like mastering far much more on this subject. If achievable, as you acquire encounter, would you thoughts updating your blog having a lot more particulars? Its very helpful for me.

  107. This is what I do and it works like a charm every time:


  108. I have the ISO file on my computer and can play it without issue using VLC. How can I convert this to something that I can copy to my droid x phone to watch on it. I believe it has to be the 854×480 in mp4 ACC video format. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  109. It gave me the message ” is READ ONLY” for each of the VOB files in my DVD! I need to copy specific lengths of video clips to include in my son’s Powerpoint presentation for his class… Any input – thanks in anticipation.

  110. I found this and it worked really well.Mini DVDs work exactly like larger DVDs..

  111. It’s funny that information about software and how to use it from 2007 is not already outdated.

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