Microsoft Monday

Many of you have an extensive library of songs on your computer that you’ve downloaded over time. If you’re like me, having all of the album information like the name of the song, the year it came out, and the artist is important.  Today we’re going to be talking about how to edit MP3 details in Windows Vista so that your library of songs stay up-to-date and accurate.

Edit MP3 Details in Details Pane

One way that you can edit MP3 details in Windows Vista is in the Details Pane.  This is the box that you see at the bottom of Windows Explorer when you’re viewing a song. Below is a screenshot of the details pane that I see when I click on the song “Have a Nice Day” by Bon Jovi:

details pane

Most of the text that you see in the Details Pane can be changed. Below is a close-up of the pane so that you get an idea of what all can be changed:

details pane 2

  • Artist – Type in the name of the artist
  • Album – Which album is the song from? Enter it here
  • Genre – This is where you specify the music genre
  • Ratings – Rate a song between 0-5 stars
  • Year – This is where you can enter the year that it was released
  • Title – Enter the title of the song

Notice in the image below how you can resize the pane to see more details which is a really nice feature. If you shrink it down to the smallest size possible, all you’ll see is a very small picture of the album art, the title of the song, and the artist. By expanding the pane to show more details, you’ll be able to view more information.

MP3 Tagging

If you decide that you don’t want to view details, you can right click and select “Hide Details Pane.” If you hide the pane and decide you want it back, just click Organize > Layout > Details Pane.

Remove Properties

The details pane may include more information than you really want displayed. Luckily you can remove properties from displaying by right clicking in the pane and selecting “Remove Properties.” A Box will pop up where you can select which properties you’d like removed as shown below:

remove properties 

Edit MP3 Details in Properties Menu

Another way to edit MP3 details in Windows Vista is to right-click on a song and select “properties.” There are a ton of different details that you can change in the properties menu which you can’t change in the details pane. Here’s just a sampling of what you can view and/or change in the properties window:

  • Select which music player the song should open with by default
  • View/enter the publisher, when it was copyrighted, the URL for the author
  • View and then copy or restore any previous versions that may be available
  • Open advanced attributes and choose settings you would like for the particular folder (you can also compress or encrypt attributes as well)
  • View Security details

Note: In both the details pane and the properties menu, you can bulk edit by selecting multiple songs at the same time.

Below is a screenshot which shows what the properties menu looks like:

mp3 properties

Editing MP3 details in Windows Vista is very simple to do, especially with two different ways to go about doing it. For those of you who like to keep all of the track information correct and available for the songs that you have on your computer, you’ll appreciate using both the details pane and the properties menu (which you can find by right clicking on a song) in Vista.