Tutorial Thursday

More and more people must be using Windows Vista because I am starting to receive emails on a daily basis with questions or regarding cool features. There have been a few different people asking how they can replace the Windows Vista boot screen with something other than just the progress bar. Of course it can be done just like in other versions of Windows but if you are just looking for something a little more graphical it is pretty easy.

Microsoft may not have gotten around to updating the primary boot screen but you can get decent looking boot screen without having to mess intensely with system files (there is a screenshot of the boot screen towards the end of this post):

  1. Go to the Start menu and in the Search Box type msconfig and press Enter.
    Vista Start Menu
  2. When the System Configuration window appears switch to the Boot tab and check the box that says No GUI Boot.
    Vista MSConfig
  3. Press OK and you will be prompted to reboot your computer. Go ahead and while your computer is rebooting you’ll notice the new boot screen (sorry the quality isn’t that great but I don’t have this installed on a virtual machine so I had to use my camera):
  4. After your computer fully restarts a window will popup saying that you altered the boot process yada yada yada but just check the box so that you won’t see the message every time you start Windows.

I had completely forgotten to mention this because I have been using it since Beta 2. Hope everyone likes it though. :)