Tutorial Thursday

Each day at 12:00AM I have my desktop computer in my house scheduled to backup three different laptops. I chose this time because “normally” I am in bed but I hate leaving my computer on. I don’t want to sit around and wait for the computer to finish doing the backups just so I can shut it down, but at the same time I know I need to give it a break for a few hours.

After some tedious searching I found PowerOff 3. It is a freeware program that is made to work with Windows 95/98/NT/W2K/XP. Using this free program I can schedule my computer to shutdown at 2:00AM (by that time the backups should have finished). That isn’t all that the software does. You can also schedule a reboot, logoff, standby, or hibernate. Still not impressed? Good, because there is more!

To make this software even more useful you can execute a program before you perform one of the above commands. PowerOff can even monitor the list of processes and watch for a specific one to complete before running a command. Heck, it will even turn your monitor on and off at your request.

Lastly, and my favorite, PowerOff will let you perform any of the above commands on a remote computer. This is great because I can schedule all of my laptops to shutdown just by using this software on one computer! It has inputs so that you can enter in your username and password to make it work for password protected machines. Speaking of remote control, did I mention that you can telnet to the computer running PowerOff and remotely control the program, too. Geeze, I have only made a small dent in the number of features this free software has so checkout the entire user’s guide to see what this thing can really do.