Tutorial Thursday

More and more people are deciding not to shutdown their computers after each use because they don’t want to wait for their computer to boot back up the next time they want to use it. For the sake of conserving energy, maybe I can get you to put your computer into stand-by or hibernation each night when you go to bed. Right now you’re thinking about having to wait for your computer to bootup in the morning when you’re just itching to get on the Internet.

Why not just schedule your computer to wakeup when you want it to, maybe 5 minutes or so before you get up each morning? That way your computer will be ready to go as you stumble down the stairs trying to find your way to the pot of coffee.

The program that I have for you is a simple no-installation required application that will do exactly what you need. In just a few seconds you can have your computer setup to turn back on at a designated time throughout the day. All you have to do is remember to put your computer in stand-by or hibernation when you go to bed and the application will do the rest…

  1. Download the program from the homepage or from our mirror.
  2. Once the download completes you just need to run the program…there is no installation required. You should see a screen similar to this one:
  3. Choose from the different configuration options where you designate a time for your computer to wakeup as well as any programs you want to run. That means Firefox (or any other browser) can be up and running without you even needing to touch your computer!
  4. Hit Start to activate the program.

Once you have that all setup you should be ready to go! I do have a feature similar to this one in my BIOS that will allow me to schedule the computer to wakeup at a given time, but the extra options this program offers is well worth it. This version is said to work with Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP and I can confirm that it also works just fine on Vista. So go check it out. After all, there is nothing to install!