Weekend Website

Expertvillage2Video sites have been popping up all over the place, even ones with a focused niche. YouTube, MetaCafe, and the like are great for your random sampling of just about anything, but what if you’re looking for something on a more specific topic? One such site with a focused niche is called ExpertVillage and their focus is specifically on “how-to” videos. These how-to videos range from instructions on changing the oil in your car, to learning how to belly-dance, and everything in between.

At ExpertVillage, their goal is to provide how-to videos and articles containing advice from experts in their fields. For each video or article, they provide the credentials of the person being filmed so that you can get an idea of how credible the information is. For example, a video on how to read sheet music for piano is given by someone who has a degree in Music and Theater, and teaches piano lessons. I’d feel pretty confident getting advice on piano from someone with those credentials.


Finding the Videos

Finding the how-to videos is simple.  They’re broken down into 12 different categories which include: Automotive, Beauty and Fashion, Crafts, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, Hobbies, Home and Garden, Music, Parenting, Pets, Sports, and Other.  While they do have a wide range of categories, you’ll notice that they do not have a how-to technology category, so this isn’t the place to get your tech advice. The videos tend to be short so that you don’t lose interest, and they get to the point pretty quickly.


Registered Users

Anybody can go to ExpertVillage to view the how-to videos, however you can also become a registered user.  The only difference with registered users is that they are able to rate and comment on an article or video. You can also bookmark your favorites so that when you click on “My Videos,” you’ll be able to quickly find all of your previous favorites.

Embed the Player

Just like other video sites, you can embedded the player on your own site. When you click on a video you’ll get the code to link to the video, as well as the code to embed the video. Below you’ll find a video that I have embedded titled “The Floating Card Trick Explained: Learn Free Magic”

Click here for more on “Telekinesis Revealed: Learn Easy Magic Tricks Online for Free”

Wrapping it up

With over 17,000 videos and over 1700 experts (and counting), ExpertVillage is a great resource for getting advice on a wide array of topics.  You can also get involved as either an expert or as a film-maker.  Film-makers have their own equipment, shoot content, and then send it in to the company. If that sounds interesting to you, they’ve got additional info on their site.

Now go on, go learn how to do something new like: Standing Up on the Surf Board, When to Travel: How to Plan a Vacation, Choosing a Tent Site (Camping), How to Check your Engine Coolant Level, or any of the many others!