Fun Friday

Earlier this week I received a forwarded email that was titled “Budget Cuts.” Upon opening it, there were a handful of pictures depicting an office cubicle made almost entirely out of cardboard. After looking at the images with one including a note reading “You R No Prank King”, it was clear that someone had created a cardboard cubicle as a prank, and what a funny and time-consuming prank it must have been. Once you see the pictures, you’ll understand what I mean.

This gave me the idea to put together a list of the best office pranks I could find. I’m sure we have some pranksters among us, so feel free to share the best prank you’ve pulled on someone in the comments below.

Happy Friday!

Cardboard Cubicle (click to enlarge)

cardboard cubicle 1.png cardboard cubicle 2.png cardboard cubicle 2-1.png cardboard cubicle.png

Tin Foil Offices…

tin foil office.png foil office.png

Sources: Here

Post-it Notes…

post it notes.png post it note pranks.png

post it note prank.png

Sources: Here, and Here


Plants growing?






Wrapping paper…

office prank.png