Million Dollar Monday
  Hypersonic Sound, a fairly new technology could very well change your everyday life. Simply stated, I like to think of it as the laser of sounds. A laser, a powerful beam of light, can travel a distance without dispersing. HSS as it’s called is just that but with sound. With HSS, sound is able to travel in a beam like fashion to a directed location. If one were to be out of the ‘beam’ the sound would not be able to be heard. The video below gives a good demo, but it’ll take a few minutes to get into it. You may want to fast forward.

How might this change your everyday life? Just think about how your shopping experience would change. You’re in an electronics store looking for a camera. You walk in front of one camera to check it out and immediately you’re hearing all about the features of the camera you’ve stepped in front of. You step to the right of the camera, and you can’t hear it. You step to the left, and you can’t hear it. The only place you’re able to hear the message is when you’re directly under the ‘beam’ or in this example in front of the camera. You could move from camera to camera or product to product, stand in front of it and get a brief run-down without the entire store hearing about it. Now how cool is that? Hypersonic Sound Just imagine what could be done with this technology. Kevin Maney over at USA today brought up the idea of integrating this technology into laptop speakers. Only the person sitting in front of the laptop would be able to hear the sound. How perfect would that be for a plane ride or sitting in a lecture? Another example he gives is in the car. Mom and Dad could be listening to one CD up front with the kids listening to another in the back. It could even work great for trade shows or corporate lobbies. The possibilities are endless. Everyone wants to get their hands on this technology to experiment with it. Companies like Wal-Mart and McDonalds have expressed some interest as well as Fox and Sony. Not only is this technology being considered for commercial use, it is also being used for more serious endeavors by military and police forces. Similar to HSS, LRAD which stands for Long Range Acoustic Device, as its name states is for long range use. It can produce a sound so piercing it could bring someone to their knees. LRAD was put into use after the attack on the USS Cole. It works as an unbelievable way to notify from a distance and provide information. It is turning out to be an effective non-lethal form of a weapon for militaries and police forces to use. The inventor of HSS, Woody Nooris won the Lemelson-MIT prize of $500,000 for revolutionizing acoustics. He’s described as a classic independent inventor. His curiosity is unbounded and spans many fields. While we probably won’t see this technology mainstreamed quite yet, there are countless possibilities with it. Could this possibly be the next generation of advertising?