Fun Friday

When people get tattoos, often times there’s a special meaning behind the design whether it be a symbol for good luck, or the name of a family member. Apparently video games, video game characters, and computer and Internet companies hold special meaning to some people out there and so thanks to them, we have a nice collection of geeky tattoos for your viewing pleasure…

Mario Tattoos

mario tattoo  mario tattoo 2

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Apple Tattoos

apple tattoo  apple tattoo 2

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Microsoft Tattoos

(the second is the blue-screen of death message)

microsoft tattoo microsoft tattoo2  

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Zune Tattoo

zune tattoo


Google Tattoos

igoogle tattoo google tattoo

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Firefox Tattoos

firefox tattoo  firefox tattoo2

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Sonic the Hedgehog Tattoo

sonic tattoo


NES Controller Tattoo

nes controller 


Atari Tattoo

atari tattoo


Just Plain Geeky Tattoos

ctrl alt del tattoo