If you’re on Facebook, you’ve at least heard of iLike. If you’re not on Facebook and you haven’t heard of iLike, it’s a social music discovery site that has recently exploded into popularity ever since the launch of their Facebook Application. Whether or not you’re on Facebook, iLike stands out in the social music crowd, and it’s worth checking out.

On Facebook

iLike launched last October, and they were actually doing well for themselves with around 3 million users.  They saw a huge boom in popularity ever since their Facebook App launched, and now they are registering 300,000 new users every single day!


The CEO of iLike, Ali Partovi has said that “iLike is on track to becoming the dominant music service for the Facebook community.  It’s something we never would have contemplated just a month ago.” It’s now the second most popular app on Facebook.

Both the iLike site and the Facebook app are nearly identical. You can learn where your favorite artists are going on tour and see who else is attending. They also allow you to search and add streaming music and music videos to your Facebook profile.


  • Connect iTunes – Use iTunes? Now you can connect your music library to you friends, see related music based upon your tastes, and download free music from new artists via the Sidebar for iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes, you can still discover music through friends – you’ll take a quiz so that your tastes can be matched appropriately.
  • Get your friends to sign-up – This is a social music service, thus friends are important. Once you get your friends to sign-up, your friends can recommend music for you, and you can see which songs that your friends are listening to. You can also find other people who you don’t know that like the same kind of music as you.
  • Compare tastes with others – Want to know how your tastes in music compare with your friends? No problem!
  • Free MP3’s from new artists – As mentioned, you can download free music from new artists based upon your tastes, and yes it is legal! It’s not music you would hear on the radio, but it is personalized picks to match your tastes.

Share your tastes with the iLike Widget

Sharing music is simple with the iLike widget. You can add the widget to any web page, even MySpace. It will flip through “artists iLike,” “just played songs,” “most played songs,” and “songs iLike.”

Play the iLIke Challenge

When I first added the iLike application on Facebook, I quickly got addicted to the iLike challenge. All you do is listen to a track, and then you have to name the artist or song. You can do this either on Facebook, or the iLike website.


Wrapping it up

iLike has quickly become a social music service that stands out in the crowd! Hopefully their recent explosion in popularity only means that there will be great things to come from them in the future.

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