Fun Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving here in the United States which means hopefully those of you living here were able enjoy friends, family, some turkey, and of course football yesterday! Many of you are probably still in bed recovering from eating too much food while others are out in the craziness of what we call Black Friday. For those of you who don’t live in the U.S., or didn’t want to put up with lines and pushy people, not to worry, we’ve brought Black Friday to you! Here’s a look at the day after Thanksgiving in images.

Sleeping outside to be the 1st (or one-hundredth) in line

black friday 3

Tents are put away about 2 hours before open, and the line forms!

black firday 4 

On your mark, get set….GO!

black friday 2

It’s like a stampede!

black friday 5

When everybody wants the same thing…

black friday 6

Wall-to-wall deals People!

black friday 1

Waiting in yet another line to pay for your purchases…

black friday 8

Haulin’ out the loot…

black friday 7

Oh, and don’t bring weapons… (people do!)

black friday 10

Loading up the goods…

black friday 11

In case the car isn’t big enough for all of your purchases…

uhaul truck

Hooray! (How employees feel when their shift is over…)


How you feel when it’s all said and done…

black friday 13

How your wallet looks when the day is over:

black friday 12 

What you’ll be eating for the next month…

black friday 15