Weekend Warrior

If you plan on taking a road trip or a plane ride anytime soon, here’s a few ideas on what you can do to keep your sanity and occupy the time using puzzles (although some may drive you nearly to insanity).

First on the list is Magic Cube 4D which is a fully functional 4D Rubik’s cube.  It may sound simple, but it’s far from it! It’s one of those things you’ll tell your friends about but never actually attempt to do it. Just looking at it is confusing enough! This 4D cube has an insane amount of possible states:




If you’re wanting to give this 4D puzzle a try, visit where you can just click the button for the Java version and choose to open the file. It will launch immediately so no installation is necessary. 

–No Computer Required Puzzles–

If you’re without a laptop or you just want something you can manipulate, visit where you can purchase a variety of puzzles for a variety of levels.  There are wooden, metallic, and special finish bedlam cubes. Another unique puzzle is the “tiwstable conundrum.”

With the “Twistable Conundrum”, again it looks easy but don’t be fooled. You have to line up all of the numbers, colors, and symbols.  In reality, you’re solving three puzzles in one.

Platinum Cube

Another “no computer required puzzle” is the Platinum Bedlam Cube Puzzle (pictured to the right).  The cube is made up of 13 different unique pieces which can form a cube with 19,186 solutions!

–Additional Cube Puzzles —

Wikipedia has a lengthy article on Rubik’s Cubes.  They give a good list of a variety of puzzles, all of which will help you occupy your time in the car or a plane! Some of the puzzles are:

Whether you’re in a car or a plane, with or without a computer, there’s a variety of cube games and puzzles to help you keep yourself occupied!