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I came across an extension the other day that I think is going to become very popular, extremely fast. It’s called Interclue and it is a cross between Snap Shots, Cooliris, Link Alert, and iReader…and it may very well be one of the best Firefox add-ons that I have seen. It weighs in at a hefty 377KB (which is quite a bit for an extension), but when you’re combining the functionality of so many other extensions, there is really no way around that.

So what does Interclue have to offer? Take a look…


Interclue goes and fetches information from the site that you are about to visit, and displays it in a simplified form. Since your browser is the one scouring the site, this extension will work for both public sites and private ones (ex. Intranet, sites requiring login, etc…).

Once you have Interclue setup and tweaked, it will display an icon at the end of hyperlinks, and when you hover over the icon (often the site’s favicon) it will show a text preview of the main content from the page as well as some pertinent information. And if a thumbnail is available from Thumbshots, it will also show a thumbnail of the site. Without further ado, here is Interclue:


–Settings (Lots of Them)–

This extension is something that power users will surely love. You can customize nearly every aspect of Interclue including what shows up in the sidebar (Digg,, etc…) and what icons appear in the Status Bar. Instead of trying to explain all of the different settings, I thought I would let the screenshots do the talking:

Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue Interclue

–Utilize the Website Previews–

The website previews feature has more things under-the-hood that you may not actually realize. I’m actually stunned at how well Interclue can scour a page and grab the most useful content from it. From playing around with it there were very few instances where it would grab the less useful text, such as sidebar content. And I’ve even seen it go grab useful content from comments that people have left on blogs.

Also, did you notice that Interclue highlighted the search terms in the first screenshot that I posted (under the Intro section)? It will do that when searching any of the three major search engines, and that should help you find the content you’re looking for even faster.

And photos…yeah, it does photos. Hovering over a link to an image will do something like this:

Interclue Image

YouTube videos…yep, you can watch those right from Interclue and even see the stats:

Interclue YouTube

–File Previews–

Interclue even adds icons to links for certain filetypes. This is similar to the Link Alert extension, and I’m pretty sure that Interclue even supports more formats than Link Alert (it even has OpenOffice icons). If you decide that you want to test out many of the icons in Interclue, just visit this page. It was setup for the Link Alert extension, but it works great for testing Interclue as well.

Additionally Interclue has also setup this site which outlines all of the different icons that it includes, and all of the files it supports. Some of them are really useful so you should try to read through and understand them. For example, when a file is unavailable, it will show a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it (and if this was a site the links to cached pages would be useful):


For files that are available it will show the date it was created as well as the filesize:


–And More to Come–

You may be asking yourself what else Interclue can do to make this better. Well, they want to saturate the market by providing the add-on for other browsers including Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. The Internet Explorer version should be just around the corner, and I sincerely hope that they will work on versions for Opera and Safari. By doing that, their number of users will surely skyrocket!

Interclue takes your Firefox experience to a new level with its fast retrieval of pertinent information. Having used this for the last day has almost made me wonder how you can use Firefox without it, but I have a feeling that the only people not using it are the ones who don’t know about it.

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