Fun Friday

It’s the iPhone 3G Launch Day today and it wouldn’t be complete without some humor! In about two hours (from the time this posts) at 8 AM, Apple and AT&T Stores in the U.S. will be opening their doors to all of the people willing to sign-up for a two-year contract. We happen to be two of those people willing to buy the iPhone 3G, only because we were able to sell our original iPhones (purchased in Jan. 08′ for $399 ea.) on eBay in the beginning of June for $425 each. We really can’t complain about making money off of our used phones which can go to pay for the increased price for the plans (although for us, the price increase for the family plan is pretty minimal).

Anyway, below you’ll find a few different comics regarding the iPhone or Apple in one way or another. They all come from The Joy of Tech, one of our favorite places for geeky comics! After taking a peak at the comics we’ve gathered up here, definitely checkout their site for a few laughs.

Happy iPhone Launch Day!

Need $$

need money iphone 3g.png


iPhone 3G WooHooiphone 3g woo hoo.png


Darn Rogers Ripping Off Canadians…



Raiders of my Wallet

raiders of my wallet.png

The Weekend Before a Keynote

joy of tech.png