Weekend Warrior

I have yet to have any of my luggage lost while I’m traveling, but I know there are others that aren’t quite as lucky!  Thousands and thousands of people fall victim to this huge frustration and hassle every single month. I’m sure it’s bound to happen to most people that travel at some point.  I came across one way that you can eliminate some of the stress when your bags are lost, and it’s offered at a fairly affordable price.  Yes, you do have to pay, but for some it is worth the money.

The website is, and it’s a service that is available to keep your luggage and other such valuables safe while you are traveling.  In the instance that you actually lost one of your bags, you would be able to trace your bags via the Internet! Of course with all of the airport safety concerns lately, you may find yourself keeping the items you consider the most valuable, in your checked luggage.  This would be another reason that you might want to keep extra close tabs on your bags.

According to their website, if you were to lose your baggage, it can be traced worldwide.  Tags are $19.00 for 2, and you also receive 2 self-adhesive badges, and a year of membership. If only they added GPS to the tags, then you’d know the exact location of your bags! Interestingly enough, American Airlines reports the highest number of lost luggage with US Airways and Delta Airways not far behind. To buy your tags, visit