Time Saving Tuesday

Optimus Keyboard Keyboard shortcuts are a real time saver but they definitely take some getting used to. It is almost out of instinct that I reach for the mouse to perform a lot of my tasks but they can often be done much quicker if you learn how to use the keyboard as your primary input device.

I always bookmark a site that I come across that has some useful keyboard shortcuts for applications. I know that eventually I will want to come back and learn them but not maybe I don’t have the time right now. Well, it is time that I share my list with you in hopes that they will save you as much time as some of them have saved me.

Web Browsers:

Operating Systems:

Office Applications:



Other Programs:

So that is the list of keyboard shortcuts that I have come up with so far. It may not be the most extensive list but they sure save me some time.

If you have a good site for some shortcuts please let us know. We’ll go ahead and add it to the list above to help make it a little more comprehensive.