Free For All Friday

How would you like to turn your desktop into a virtual, non-cluttered news center?  Just keeping up with the latest news or email on a daily basis can be quite the challenge.  This is where KlipFolio comes in.  KlipFolio is a personalized dashboard, a collection of “Klips” that are chosen and completely customizable by you, the user with a built-in alert feature.  It is also developer-friendly, so if there’s a Klip you’re wanting that’s not available, you can create it yourself! The development tools are built right in.

These Klips are mini programs that keep you up to date with just about everything imaginable from weather and news to email and RSS feeds.  They have a huge list of Klips that are already available as well as a list of some of the more popular ones like Yahoo! Mail, and Google Calendar. Some of the other popular Klips include weather, stock, news, auctions(eBay), and package tracking (FedEx and UPS). Customizing Klips is one of the features I like most.  You can move and resize Klips freely, as well as minimize them.  When you minimize a Klip, they will automatically expand when you get near them so that you can see the content.

It certainly wouldn’t be complete without RSS feed capabilities.  To add a feed, simply click on the “add feed” button in the toolbar.  A new feed viewer Klip will appear.  From there you can add as many feeds as you’d like to each feed Klip that you create.  For example, if you have 5 sites that are all related to software — you could create a “software Klip” so that you have your software related feeds in one window.  You could also create them for politics, science, etc.  the possibilities are endless, and it’s a really nice way to categorize your information. If you right click on the title bar of a feed, you can choose to dismiss the items which is equivalent to marking the items are read, something I always look for.

Additional features that I enjoy are preferences and alerts.  Of course with the preferences, there’s a variety of colors and fonts you can choose from.  They also have a selection of skins to change the look of your Klips.  There’s lots of different settings to choose from to customize it so it will look just like you want it to. There is also a built in alert feature.  You can get alerts to pop up whenever new items are added, whenever an item changes, or when a certain word appears.  For example, you could receive an alert anytime that CyberNet writes about Firefox.  You’d go into the Klip setup, select the alerts tab, and then you can add certain keywords you want to be notified of.

 The interface is small, and looks nice on your desktop without slowing down your system, and it’s an easy download from Serence Inc. It is offered in several different languages, and is pretty user friendly. If you’d like to download KlipFolio, visit