Million Dollar Monday

Back in July, we wrote about the Samsung 102-inch Plasma TV that was soon to be de-throned by Panasonic with their 103″ display.  There seems to be no limit as to just how big these TVs will get.  Today we’re going to step away from the plasma displays and take a look at LG’s 100 inch LCD display that has officially been given the title of “World’s Largest LCD” and will be featured in the Guinness Book of World Records 2007.

More recently, the largest displays ever made have only been at the electronics shows for people to ooh and ahh over.  Now, you just might be able to see the LG 100 inch display in person! According to Luxury Launches, it is set for mass production.  What’s the price you ask? Well, considering the production cost alone is over $150,000, expect the retail price to be well over that. How quickly could you make room for 100 inches of LCD and a six-figure price tag?

Here are the specs:

  • 3,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 92% color reproduction
  • 6.6 feet across/ 3.6 feet high
  • Capability to produce 1.07 billion colors
  • 6.22 million-pixel picture quality

So for now, LG will wear the crown for largest LCD display.  In the world of TVs where bigger seems to be better, I imagine it won’t be long before the title is passed on to someone else.  In the meantime, can you just imagine what it would be like to clear 6 1/2 feet of space for a TV?