Fun Friday

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before the Internet, isn’t it? I’ve been using it for more than half of my life, but today’s generation of kids grew up with it. Those are the kids that don’t even know the difference between life before and after the Internet came along, but I’m sure you can remember the differences, like…

  1. Balancing your checkbook required waiting for your statement to come from the bank because there was no online banking access
  2. Along the same lines, if you wanted money to be transfered from your checking to your savings account or visa-versa, you had to physically walk into the bank to do it instead of quickly logging into your online account…
  3. You actually knew all of your friends in “real-life.” There weren’t “virtual” friends or people you call friends but have never met
  4. To communicate with friends and family who lived far away, you hand-wrote letters and mailed them through the Post Office
  5. Google and Yahoo didn’t exist which meant researching was done with the help of books
  6. You received the weather forecast on TV, from the newspaper, or even over the phone…
  7. Planning a vacation meant going to see a travel agent to have them arrange the flight, tours and hotel stays
  8. You called 411 or used a phone book to look-up telephone numbers
  9. Finding out who won a sporting event that you missed meant waiting for the next day’s newspaper to arrive at your doorstep
  10. There was no way to track a package that was being delivered to you via UPS or FedEx, you simply had to be patient
  11. When you had something you wanted to sell, you ran an ad in the newspaper and hoped someone in the area would be interested because there was no eBay or Craigslist
  12. Finding out the show-times for movies at the local theater meant calling their pre-recorded message and listening through the whole thing to hear what movies were playing and at what time, or just showing up at the theater and seeing what was playing
  13. To get human interaction, you went to physically visit your friends instead of chatting in forums or leaving messages on message boards
  14. Keeping an account of what was going on in your life meant writing it out on paper with a pen or pencil instead of keeping an online blog or journal
  15. Watching a home-video or sharing it with friends meant you needed a VCR, there was no YouTube or other video sharing services
  16. Buying music required going to a physical store and purchasing a cassette tape or a CD and playing it in your Walkman or Boom-box, there was no iTunes
  17. Talking to multiple friends at the same time required that you be in the same room, this was what life was like before instant messaging…
  18. No one had heard of the terms “Identity Theft” or “Phishing”
  19. The only way to pay bills was to mail them or maybe pay using a check over the phone because online bill-pay wasn’t an option…
  20. Finding a book at the library meant searching through the little cards in the card catalogue and not using an online system

After looking through this list, it really makes me thankful at how far we’ve come! I can’t imagine needing to wait for a newspaper to arrive to get the news or needing to walk into a Travel Agent’s office to plan a trip. Even worse is the thought of physically mailing all of my communication between friends and family, we really are spoiled with email, aren’t we?

This beginning part of this Chris Pirillo video is kinda humorous and fits in well to today’s topic, so take a look: