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Part of the Simplicity brand of Philips, the latest futuristic message board “In Touch” is bound to provide you with the ultimate way to share information, news, or pictures with family and friends. It is the family message board of the 21st century! No more post-it notes, or white boards for leaving messages.

Philips In Touch

So what is the In Touch message board? It is a mirror, but not just an ordinary mirror.  It transforms itself from a mirror to a touch screen message center.  Messages can be viewed in a text or video format.  Uniquely implemented,  the photo feature includes family pictures which then can be used as a method of sending messages.

It works by using a stylus which opens up a drawing space.  From there you’re able to record a video message, or even a text message. You can send either MMS or  SMS messages which are created when a text box opens up– using a stylus to create a message. After the message is ready to be sent, you’d use your finger to drag the text box or video message over to the photograph of the person the message is to be sent to. When it’s been delivered, you receive a confirmation stamp. Messages can be left right on the mirror or sent remotely.

When you receive any type of message whether it be voicemail, text, or a picture, all that is needed to activate a message is to touch the image of the message you’re wanting to read or view.  The CEO of Royal Philips Electronics says the simplicity line including In Touch is important and needed because

Somewhere along the way, the promise of the digital revolution to make our lives easier, simpler, better is not being delivered. In fact, in many respects, it’s only made life more complicated.

Is the touch screen method of communication becoming a “trend” or the latest of the greatest to have? At the CES show this past January, Bill Gates said in the next four years this style of communication will take off.  It will be the technology we have in our households to keep track of family and their schedules, communicate,  and keep ourselves updated on the news. Click here to view the demonstration that Bill Gates gave.  The video clip will automatically open in Windows Media Player.  Forward to 11:25 into the clip to view the actual demo.

I haven’t come across any price estimates for the “In Touch” however I would imagine it will be a costly toy that few will initially have. The idea seems like a simple, useful concept that many would be able to benefit from.  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to look up and see something like that hanging on my wall!

News Source: TrendHunter via BornRich