Fun Friday

We all experience some days where nothing seems to be going right. Of course, every day can’t be perfect, but on certain days, it feels worse than others – you say something wrong, do something wrong, something you did backfires, etc. A new site called Loosr is all about people sharing “memorable” moments of their lives with others and it’s kinda fun to read.  Their tag line is “shit happens” and that statement would be a good response to most of the stories submitted on Loosr. Reading some of the stories makes for a great laugh, and helps you realize that bad stuff happens to everybody!

On the “About Me” section for Loosr, they say that they’re around so that people can realize that “shit happens to everyone and there’s no need to worry.” Anybody can submit an embarrassing story from their life because no registration is required. They moderate all of the stories submitted to make sure that they are worthy and appropriate for publishing. You’ll notice a “loser factor” next to each story on the Looser homepage.  If you like the story, vote for it by clicking “It Sucks.”

loosr 1

Here’s a sampling from Loosr of the kinds of stories you can find.  There aren’t too many stories yet because Loosr is fairly new, but I imagine the list will continue to grow. If you’re having a pity party for yourself some day, reading some of these Loosr stories might make you feel a little better…

–Is it or–

“So I tried to email everyone at work about this awesome site, – but instead i sent an email to all of corporate with a link to – a directory for losers… great one :) “

— Job Interview–

“I spent an entire 7 hr train, bus and taxi journey rehearsing answers to all the worst questions I could possibly be asked at the big interview. By the time I got there I felt invulnerable. The first question, however (from the boss’s secretary, in the lobby) was “Why have you arrived 24 hrs late for this interview ?”

— “Dude, Where’s my Car?”–

“The other day I was late in the morning and chose to go to work by car instead of the regular train. The problem was that after work, I automatically went to the train station and when arriving home, for a couple minutes I was really wondering why the car wasn’t parked beside the house.”

— Bad Timing–

“Six days after I had broken up with her, my ex-girlfriend won an all inclusive trip to Europe for two.”

–What Day is it Anyways?–

“I simply woke up in the morning and went to work, forgetting that it was a nice Sunday.”

–Giving to the “homeless”–

“Yesterday I gave a beggar some money which made me feel very proud and happy until I saw the same guy today working out in the gym.”

–Broken Legs–

“It was a nice day in April when the doctor removed the plaster from my leg. I was just happily walking out of the hospital when I slipped on the stairs and broke my other leg.”

–Wrapping it up–

As AppScout pointed out, “life’s challenges are easier to deal with when you can laugh at yourself.” So take a minute to go laugh at others and their stories over at Loosr so that you can laugh at your own silly mistakes.