Million Dollar Monday

If golf is your game, and you have a few extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket, take a look at the ultimate in Luxury Golf Cars. You’ll be cruising the course in style in mini decked out versions of a Hummer, Cadillac, or a Buick Lucerne. These golf cars are far from ordinary, and because of it, will cost you more than what you might be willing to pay for a full sized car!

 First on the list if the Buick Lucerne Golf Cart for a price of around $17,735.00 for the 4 passenger electric model. There’s also a 2 passenger Electric model for $15,675.00. With standard options such as a custom paint job, tinted windshield, 10″ aluminum sport wheels, and a custom steering wheel, you’ll be riding around in stile.  Other optional features if the standard options simply aren’t enough include:

  • Gold bag holder ($245)
  • Hard top with Bi-fold windshield ($875)
  • AM/FM Stereo Cassette or CD ($595)
  • 12 Volt Auxiliary Outlet ($35)
  • Turn Signals ($90.85)
  • Chrome Tilt Steering Column ($520)
  • Rain Enclosure ($595)
  • XM Satellite Stereo Player ($675)
  • 9hp Gasoline Motor ($995.00)

If you selected all of the optional features would bring your Buick Lucerne Golf Cart up to a price well over $22,000!

Next on the list is the Cadillac Escalade Golf Car with the classic Cadillac front grille, high and low beam lights, front/rear ice chest, 4 seat cart, horn, and clock all standard options.  For around $20,800 this Escalade could be yours! Optional features include:

  • Standard hard top ($585)
  • Custom Pearl Paint Job ($1000)
  • 6 passenger hard top ($715)
  • Rear golf bag holders ($200)
  • Custom car cover ($325)
  • AM/FM/CD Player ($650)
  • Chrome tilt steering wheel column ($650)
  • Leather seats ($750)
  • Custom 17″ polished billet rims ($2000)
  • 9hp gas motor upgrade ($1,250.00)
  • Water/battery filling system ($375)

Last on the list and my personal favorite is the 2 passenger electric H1 Hummer Golf Cart for around $17,850. It comes standard with a 48 volt club car chassis, burlwood or carbon fiber dash, 6′ spindle lift kit, cooler box under hood, custom upholstery with embroidered H1, and polished chrome wheels.  Hummer is stamped on the rear bumper. And just like the others, there’s a load of optional features that could potentially bring the price to well over $20,000.

So, if golf is your game, and you have anywhere from $15,000-over $20,000 that you’re just not sure what to do with, you’ll have a variety of luxury golf carts to choose from! For a more complete list of some of the best luxury carts available, click here!