Million Dollar Monday

Talk about luxury home entertainment with Armed Chair motion simulators! They may look like your typical recliner, but don’t be fooled! This chair is fully loaded and equipped with enough horse power to give you whip lash. Armed Chairs are designed to move in sync with specially made DVDs to make the motion and action in the movie come to life. The motion ranges from movements that are almost undetectable to dynamic theme park ride types of motions making the DVD you’re watching come to life. With Armed Chair it’s easy to get into the action of a high speed car chase!

CyberNotes: Luxury Home Entertainment With Armed Chair Motion Simulators

How does it work?

The combination of actuators moving in a programmed, choreographed motion enables the system to reproduce a wide range of 2 and 3-dimensional motions and vibrations; ranging from subtly detectable to extremely dynamic. This motion is coordinated by the motion controller (connected to the digital audio output of any DVD player), which synthesises motion and instructs the actuators to move in perfect synchronisation with the on-screen action and sound. You are literally drawn into the action as you experience the motion and drama of the movie.

There are over 70 different colors available to choose from and over 500 movies specially made for the Armed Chair motion simulator.

A luxury like this doesn’t come cheap! Prices begin at around $12,000, and add around $3,000 more if you want a remote to go along with it. Plus, if you want it delivered and installed, it will cost an additional $1,300. There are a few other additional options such as receiving your updated movie codes via the Internet for $250, or by DVD for $500 a year. Armed Chair Simulators are definitely luxury home entertainment… to the max!