Web Browser Wednesday

One thing that I have heard several complaints about with Firefox 2 is that the tabs are not themed to match what your operating system is using for a theme. Maybe you don’t like the darker color of the default tabs but don’t worry, it is so unbelievably easy to change that you’ll cry. Okay, maybe not as easy as a checkbox but close enough for those of us that have a little knowledge of computers.

First, I’ll show you what I’m talking about. These are what the standard tabs look like in Firefox 2, correct? Just nod your head and agree. :)

Firefox 2 default tabs

So, after you complete what I am about to tell you to do your tabs will take on your operating system’s properties. This is what the new tabs look like for me in Vista (the left-most tab is a background tab, the middle one is being hovered over with the mouse, and the right-most tab is the currently selected tab):

Firefox 2 System Tabs

In Windows Vista when you hover over buttons and other objects it applies a light-blue glow which is exactly what happens in Firefox now. I’m not sure how this will look in all operating systems but I’m sure some people will like it better while others will probably hate it.

So if you want to give this a shot there isn’t much that you need. You will be creating a custom style sheet and you can do it manually but I recommend just using Stylish. If you use Stylish you also don’t have to worry about restarting Firefox to see the changes.

Once you have the extension installed open up this text file that I uploaded (I would have pasted it here in the post but it is 165 lines long). Copy all of the code and place it into the Stylish box:


Save your new style and the look of your tabs should now match what your operating system calls for. Pretty cool, huh? The beauty of using Stylish is that you can easily remove the new look if you decide that you don’t like it.

I am kinda torn right now because I like having the light-blue glow when I hover over a tab but at the same time I miss the rounded corners on the tabs that the default theme offers. Sometimes I am so indecisive. :D

I found this solution at but at the time of this writing the site was down, but I was still able to get it from the Google Cache.