Funny Friday

A couple of days ago I had a few minutes to spare, and so I turned to none other than StumbleUpon to pass my time.  One of my favorite categories to stumble in is humor because I always enjoy a good laugh. I happened to Stumble Upon a Microsoft site about warning messages

You see, Microsoft has particular guidelines given to developers when it comes to creating warning messages that appear in Windows.  At first glance, I couldn’t figure out why this would have ended up in the humor category, but then after further inspection, it was clear.

They start off by explaining what a warning message is intended to do, but then they go into giving examples of what not to do. This is where the humor comes into play.

  1. No need to over-warn (it makes your program feel hazardous)!
  2. If it’s not immediately relevant, no one will care.
  3. Warnings shouldn’t pester the users!


  4. If you’re going to give a warning, at least make it significant. No one wants to be given a warning when they’re trying to exit something.
  5. Don’t confuse the users!