Web Browser Wednesday

Minimo logo I have been the proud owner of the HP iPAQ 5455 for over a year now and it is great having the built-in wireless capabilities. One thing that every Pocket PC lacks in my opinion is a great browser. Opera has a nice mobile browser that I played with but I wasn’t compelled to purchase it after the 30-day trial. NetFront is also really nice but I ran into the same problem…I didn’t use it enough to fork out the money.

For a few months now I have stuck with Internet Explorer because I only browse the Web on my Pocket PC for no more than 20 minutes a day. Last week I took a stroll over to see how Minimo (Mozilla’s mobile browser) was coming along. I had checked on it a few months ago when it was in the very early/almost unusable stage and I thought it would be time to take another look at it. They had some nice screenshots up and I thought so I would give it a shot (yes, screenshots are an amazing selling point with me).

Being that it was only version 0.016 I didn’t have much hope that it would be a success. A primary reason I was installing it was because they provided a CAB installer for the Pocket PC, which meant I could download it directly on my iPAQ and install it without ever needing to dock it to my desktop PC. After the short download and installation I had it running…and I was very impressed.

Playing around with it more and more made me realize that this is truly a mini-Firefox. Checkout these screenshots and judge for yourself:


Overall I would have to say that it runs pretty smooth even though it does seem a little sluggish if I open multiple tabs, but I don’t do that on my Pocket PC much. I won’t be trading this browser in because it is a much better alternative to Pocket IE! Hopefully Mozilla will see a value in making a mobile browser and will continue to fine tune it.