Free For All Friday

TITLEIn 1983, the World saw the very first handheld cellular phone, the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X. For $3,995 you could have been the proud owner of the 13 x 1.75 x 3.5 inch phone. Thousands of people were on a wait list for this phone, simply so they could be one of the first to talk portably! It weighed a whopping 28 ounces with an impressive, or not, 1 hour of battery life. It could even store 30 phone numbers!

Amazing, isn’t it? Today we see phones with games, extensive phone books(you can certainly store more than 30 numbers), internet capabilities, cameras, and even video. Phones are considerably cheaper, lighter, and of course last longer, a lot longer! They have replaced the need for carrying around change for the phone booth, and have become one of the essentials you don’t leave home without! When you do leave home without it, you may end up in a panic wondering what you will do all day without it! Sound familiar?

TITLETaking the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X (wow, what a long name- even the names have gotten smaller!) and comparing it in size to one of the smallest phones available, the Motorola RAZR VC3, we are able to see just how far Motorola has come. The RAZR measures 3.86H x 2.08W x 0.57D inches and weighs a feather light 3.49 ounces! Can you imagine going from carrying a phone that weights less than 5 ounces to one that weighs almost 2 pounds?

While the mobile phones from the 80’s compared to today have certainly changed, one thing hasn’t and that is its effect on our culture. Back in the 80’s, it was only the rich who could afford a mobile phone. In 1990 we saw this brick of a phone in Pretty Woman with two men using the Dyna TAC 8000X as a method to impress Julia Roberts. Today phones are rather inexpensive and something that many people use. In fact, one source I found states that in the United Kindom, there are more phones than people! Could that really be possible? We see signs everywhere from the movies to the doctor’s office with reminders to keep phones off! Mobile phones have become an issue among lawmakers trying to determine if they increase the instances of traffic accidents, or pose a threat to public safety.

It is super impressive to think about how far technology has advanced from the 80’s until now. With all of the advances in technology with mobile/cellular phones, it makes me wonder what else they could possibly come up with next! Any ideas?