Funny Friday

Last week in the forum, FX Extension Guru pointed out a site that contains quotes taken from IRC Sessions on Anybody can go chat there, but many times these are conversations between developers. The site also allows people to vote on some of their favorites, and then they compile a list of the best ones.


Before I get into some of the funniest quotes captured, I’ll just point out that there’s an easy way to join in on the chats if you’d like. They have different channels for all of their projects including Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, even Spread Firefox. They also have channels available in different languages from Dutch to Japanese and German. To get those details on joining in on a chat, visit their site. Now on to the humor…

<jX> No, seriously, they have a legal obligation to provide shareholder value.
<jX> IE, Google can’t tomorrow say “We’re going to sell everything and buy toilet paper for African children!”
<Jesse> that would be a LOT of toilet paper

<CTho|away> how many firefox devs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
<Pike> CTho|away: none, that’d be an extension

<Lucy> omg, seeing the word “virgin” reminds me, the other day I could *not* say version
<Lucy> but I was talking about versions
<mkanat> Lucy: As in “How many virgins do I have to support?”
<Lucy> mkanat: yes
<Lucy> “what virgin is it?”
<Lucy> “on the old virgins this didn’t happen”
<mkanat> “Yeah, they were always STD-free. The new virgins come pre-STD’ed.”
<Jesse_> i use the nightly virgins
<Jesse_> the process of making a new virgin is quite interesting

<shaver> humans are obsolete
<sheppy> Speak for yourself.
<mrbkap> Then why are we still patching Mozilla by hand?
<crowder> mrbkap: Because the computers tell us to

<biesi> it seems to me that finding something wrong in mail code is like finding hay in a haystack

<matti> heyy i got busted for pot and at court they told me i had to donate $250 to a charitable organization. does the mozilla foundation count as that?

<biesi> do googlers get a discount in the moz store? ;)
<mconnor> no :)
<biesi> aw :)
<mconnor> I think you misunderstand which way this relationship work
<mconnor> we take your resources and food, you happily oblige

<jX> “Reduced functionality is already a part of the Windows XP activation process, but Windows Vista will have a reduced functionality mode that is enhanced, Microsoft said on its Web site on Wednesday.”
<jX> How do you enhance reduced function?

<sayrer> actually, that will still be ugly
<sayrer> but better than what I have now
<shaver> that’s what my wife said when I proposed
You can sift through more of these random quotes here. There are a ton of them! And with that, enjoy your weekend :)